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Saturday, May 08, 2010

The Reluctant Baseball Player and The Manic Mom

Griffin played baseball today even though he was reluctant and seemed to not like being there most the time. I still encourage him to play and do something outside because if he had his way he would just play on the computer all day long and never go outside. The female coach was so good with him and kept him engaged the entire time (only 2 innings). She kept him busy playing high five games in the outfield and they let him bat the ball (his favorite part) first both times. I will continue to take him in hopes that he will either get to liking it but even if he still doesn't really care for it at least he is out of the house learning to do something other than the computer.

I had a bad manic episode the other night and literally stayed up all night long and finally called the on-call doctor at 5:00 a.m. and he asked me if I had any other psyche meds in the house and I remembered that I had some Attivan and he told me to take one and that I should insist on seeing my doctor that day. I took it and it calmed me down, I was able to get sleep and my doctor was booked solid until my appt. on the 17th. Now that I have the Attivan I will be able to sleep at night because the Melatonin is not doing the trick any longer. And I will not have a problem with mania because if taken as needed it will keep the mania away. I had been increasingly been becoming manic and didn't realize it, just thought that I was merely energetic so it slowly sneaked up on me. Regardless of what you have heard about mania being is not for everyone! It is miserable because it feels like my heart is about to beat out of my chest, my breathing is shallow, and eventually the sweat begins and it feels like sheer fear physically without the fear mentally. I have racing thoughts and cannot think straight, can't focus and can only lie still until I have to get up to do only what I have to call the doctor and beg for help!

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Melissa H said...

I'm so sorry that you had a manic episode, honey. :-( It sneaks up on me (with Conor), too. I never realize that he's heading towards mania until he's full-blown.

I hope that the Ativan will help until your appointment on the 17th. Lots of hugs & love.