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Monday, May 10, 2010

Remembering My Aunt Gail as She is Ready to Pass

My dearest aunt lies in bed in the hospice house..........this is really hard to write...........and as she is near her passing I remember her as the loving aunt who loves to watch and laugh with Griffin. She would always brag about him to my mom and dad whenever she would get to spend the day with us. Unfortunately I did not take a picture of them together as it seemed that I always forgot my camera but I have nothing but fond memories of her. If this doesn't seem like my best writing then it is because I can't seem to get past the tears to think clearly.

She told me one night on the phone what an awesome mom I was to Griffin, that it was amazing how patient I was with him all the time. I was so touched by her words as it meant a lot to me that she thought that and felt that way. I will never forget how that made me feel and I remember her smiling face and the sound of her laughter. We used to go to the YMCA together because she loved going into the pool to exercise and going into the sauna and whirlpool made her body feel better. She was bound to the wheelchair because she had no femur in her left leg so any chance we got we would go and enjoy ourselves. We loved going to Hot Dog World where they had the best hot dogs and Reuben sandwiches. On the weekends Griffin and I would go to her house and hang out. Griffin would hang out with his uncle Charlie and ride the scooter and I would sit outside with Aunt Gail and just talk.

We had a lot in common because we are both bipolar and both have had a lot of life's experiences. We both understood each other and how life throws you a lot of curves. We listened to each other and knew where each other were coming from without having to go into details. She was my best friend and I am going to miss the hell out of her. The images and sounds will forever stay in my mind and in my heart and I am glad that we were there for each other because it was an awesome friendship. Guess there will be a void in my life now but my heart if full of love for her and that will never go away.

I will write about Griffin in another post, it just doesn't seem appropriate right now.


Melissa H said...

I'm so sorry, honey. There are no words that will make it better. Just know that I'm praying for peace for you. xoxo

Jen said...

I am also sorry, I hope you find the strength to get through this, I know you have it. I hope your Aunt has a peaceful passing. Take care. Jen.

DebV said...

A wonderful tribute to your Aunt. The love you feel is vibrant. She will be watching over you and Griffin. Hugs