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Saturday, May 01, 2010

Special Needs Baseball (Mobility Concepts)

Griffin went to his first baseball game today and it was a mixed bag. He kept wanting to hit the ball instead of standing around waiting for the ball to be hit in the outfield..........can't blame him for that. Anyhow, the coaches and other volunteers/parents were super because they got him motivated (to a degree) and kept him in the game. I gave up trying to help him because he kept trying to have a meltdown so I sat in the bleachers and watched.

It is so great how they have things set up so that the kids can have success all the time and everyone is so helpful and motivated to getting the kids involve and engaged. I had forgotten my camera and that is why I only have him standing inside the apartment with his uniform on. Next week I will take pictures of him actually playing and a video too.

It was nice because it was in the morning so it wasn't so hot. Griffin already has a great tan going on and I sprayed very well with Bullfrog sunscreen. I realized why Griffin doesn't like going outside to play most of the time and my apartment manager pointed it out to me one evening as he was actually on the playground (she also has an autistic son). The weather was nice and cool and she said that that is why he won't go outside during the day and she is right because Griffin has a high tolerance to cool/cold weather and temperatures and has no tolerance for the heat. He loves his bath water to be freezing cold and will not get in if it is even warm.

So, from now on I am going to take him out early in the morning and/or in the evening before sunset and see if he will play. Unfortunately the other kids probably won't be out but at least he will be outside for awhile.


Adoption of Jane said...

Thanks for the tip on temperature tolerance. I didn't really think about that until now.

Look how handsome he looks in his Uniform! Congrats!!

Melissa H said...

Boy, our boys are so similar! Every time one of us blogs, we find more similarities! Conor is completely intolerant of heat! (though he wasn't a fan of our really cold winter this year, either) As soon as he gets in the car after school, he pulls his shorts off and rides home in his boxers. When it is really hot, the shirt comes off, too! :-D

I'm so glad that it was an enjoyable experience for Griffin! "Special needs" doesn't always mean success, but I'm glad that they made it a good time for him.

Miss you, dear friend! We need to catch up soon!