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Thursday, November 18, 2010

6 Hour EEG/Constipation Issues

Griffin saw the neurologist today and after talking to me and conducting his physical exam he decided to go ahead and order the 6 hour EEG for absence seizures. He said that the spells of him staring out into space could be behavioral or from the medication but after talking to me about how he responds after the spells he said that it makes him more suspicious of the seizures. I told him that after the spells he is disoriented and forgets where he was when he had stopped talking to me in mid sentence. The doctor said that if we didn't do the EEG and he is having the seizures that he is at risk for grand mal seizures. We don't know if Griffin will in fact tolerate the 6 hour EEG being connected to all those wires and not able to move around the room, having to sit in one spot for so very long but we've got to try.

As far as Griffin's constipation goes I told him today that he does not get computer time until he goes and does not hold it in. If I catch him holding it from now on and not going then he automatically gets his computer time taken away so he is to sit on the toilet each afternoon after school and try to go and if he does then he will be rewarded with computer time. Just like Jazzygal said I have to take this seriously and I have got to teach him now that holding it in is not healthy and it is totally unacceptable. And if he comes home and tells me that he went at school then I will believe him because Griffin is not a liar, he does not understand the concept, and he will justly be rewarded for going at school since that would be a very big deal. I sit here and chuckle to myself because he is in the bathroom right now trying to go because he wants to get on this computer so badly. I may have struck gold on this one and found the magic pill to make it all work out nicely.


dluvscoke said...

Oh my word! Doctors can drive me crazy sometimes. A six hour EEG? That's got to be frustrating. The doctor doesn't have to be there and endure, Griffin, and the EEG Technician do. I honestly hope it goes well and is worth it.

Looking for Blue Sky said...

I've never heard of 6 hour EEG before, hope he gets through it okay...I have constipation issues with Smiley, because she is stuck in wheelchair so much of the time. But she doesn't hold it in, except briefly when she is hoping that someone will notice that she needs to use the toilet. But she needs Duphalac and lots of oat bran to keep everything moving. Constipation really upsets her, it can't be very pleasant for Griffin either.

jazzygal said... are having a difficult time at the moment. But you are coping wonderfully :-)

It is good that everything is being checked out and I hope Griffin tolerates the 6 hour ECG. I remember when WiiBoy had to stay still for this radiation dye thing they were doing for his kidneys. it was very hard for him. But you know that and you can only do your best.

THAT'S GREAT THAT YOU ARE GETTING ON TOP OF THE CONSTIPATION ISSUES. Just so long as he's getting the fluids and whatever meds to get him going ;-)

xx Jazzy