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Monday, November 08, 2010

My Little Artist

Griffin does not watch Family Guy but he likes the main character Peter Griffin and he wanted to learn how to draw him properly so he looked up the YouTube video of the actual cartoonist drawing the character. And this is the final copy of Griffin's artwork where he did exactly what the artist drew.  I am so proud of him because he did such an amazing job with this and not only that but I think that he was a little genius to look up the video in the first place. I never would have even thought of doing that but I shouldn't be surprised because if Griffin wants something he finds it on the Internet no matter what it is.


@jencull (jen) said...

Wow, that is excellent, I could have picked out the character even if you hadn't said! Jen

Deliasgone said...

Wow! He is such a talented boy!

Jean said...

yep, I'd have been able to pick him out too. What a talented little man! XXX

dluvscoke said...

I can see Family Guy. The chin is a dead giveaway:)

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jazzygal said...

Well done clever boy! Greta drawing.

xx jazzy

Looking for Blue Sky said...

That's really good! Well done Griffin x