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Saturday, March 05, 2011

Griffin's EEG

Griffin had his EEG last week (Friday) and it went fairly well he sat still for the better part of 6 hours watching only one DVD and as seen here playing on the cell phone on the Internet most the time. Beth Ann was the technician and she was a doll who made things so much easier for both of us. She had brought snacks and games for Griffin and she had the best personality ever! Griffin only got upset once about halfway through and made all the electrodes come off and Beth Ann had to put all them back on all over again which was a pain in the butt because Griffin said that it hurt when she had to scrub his skin to clean off the past with a Q-tip. We got out of there after 7 hours and had to go straight to speech where his therapist said that he was especially calm that day more so than usual. I guess that not having to hold it all together for school all day helped him to not be so stressed out afterwards like he usually is for speech.

I haven't been reading the blogs that I usually follow (and I apologize because I miss reading about my friends) because I just get so distracted and don't seem to have enough time in the day. I just started Strattera for my ADHD and I sure hope that it helps because I have a hell of a time getting organized and getting things done because I can't seem to finish anything. I start several tasks and go back and forth but completing them is so difficult. Maybe it is hard to imagine if you don't have it but believe me, it is a struggle! Just sitting still long enough to compose a post is a task in and of itself. I do well cleaning because I get to move around constantly even though I get distracted when I move into another room to drop something off and proceed to start something else and end up not getting back to the original task until much later. I better finish up this post before I get up to get something to drink otherwise I will forget it and it will end up being another week before I get back to it.


jazzygal said...

Well done Griffin, Not easy getting any tests done.

Lora, you have just described how I go about things too. Seriously!

xx Jazzy

DeeAnn said...

Wow. Good for Griffin sticking it out (despite having to be re-wired).

When you described yourself jumping from one task to another, I thought of my husband. That's how he cleans the garage. Needless to say, it NEVER gets totally organized.

Mom of The Autism Princess said...

I have used straterra. It worked well for me. Hope it does for you too! I cannot sit still or focus on anything I need to get done either.i feel your pain honey. Hopefully it will help you get organized and still be able to get a good night's sleep!