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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hanging Out with Friends

Here's a couple of pics of Griffin hanging out with his friend and neighbor Isiah who is showing him how to bat and catch the to play baseball basically without running the bases. He was so patient with him.

Here is a picture of Griffin flying his kite for the first time on Thursday when we went to his school. It was fun until it got caught up in a tree.


DeeAnn said...

I love pictures!! He looks like such a happy's hard to imagine him having melt downs. I hope you're having a better day.

jazzygal said...

Ahh...fabulous to see him out playing:-)

I tagged you over at mine.... payback!! Ah no, I think you'll like this one:-)

xx Jazzy

Looking for Blue Sky said...

That's so lovely to see Lora, my son is all out of friends again at the moment, so reading this gives me hope xx

MommyToTwoBoys said...

So cute! He looks so happy.