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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Ten Things That I Am Grateful For

When feeling down one of the best things for me to do to help keep everything in perspective is to make a list of all the things that I am grateful for. Here is a condensed version, feel free to make a list of your own.

1. Griffin Blaise and everything that he does. He is the greatest blessing that I could have ever hoped for. I feel priviledged to be his mother, to experience his infinite beauty and unconditional love. Griffin is the most precious of all the things in my life and truly the greatest gift.
2. My family who loves me without judging me or my decisions. I didn't get to choose them but since I've got 'em I feel fortunate that they are with me every step of the way. My mom & dad especially help me get through each day with honesty and candor which I couldn't do without.
3. My friends and my blogging buddies who lend their support in so many ways just by speaking to me from the heart offering support, and advice. What a tremendous help they are to me.
4. My physical health because I am the healthiest person that I have ever known. Thank goodness that I never ever get sick. This body has been good to me even though it feels a bit rickety sometimes
5. Alaska and all of its majesty and splendor. Even though it is a dark and cold winter I still love this place and will greatly miss it when we leave. The scenery is breathtaking and the people are truly unique especially compared to other places I have lived/visited.
6. Abby, Griffin's service dog who helps Griffin out a great deal by helping him stay grounded, Pisgah, our cat, who Griffin adores. He loves giving Pisgah hugs and has learned to stroke his fur. Pets are very therapeutic and help me each day to be calm and relax.
7. Shelter, food, and enough money to pay my bills each month. I have my bases covered with a teensy bit left over for other necessities.
8. My ability to write, albeit less than perfect, I can tell my stories such that others can understand. Hopefully, I will have helped someone through my writing in some small way and this is a treasure to me.
9. Modern technology: the internet and this computer without them I would not have the ability to do that which is so therapeutic for me such as this blog. I wouldn't be able to do the kind of research that I so love to do on autism for example.
10. Last but not least I am grateful for my life, for life in general of those whom I love so dearly. There have been times when I thought that life wasn't worth living but that was before my dear sweet Griffin. I shall not take it for granted or the things that I have listed above. Yea, so, I get down and feel despair but not to worry, I still love life and all that it has to offer good, bad, or indifferent. I will take it all and turn it around to make sure that Griffin has a mommy who is doing her very best at taking care of him and ensuring his happiness .


Felicity said...

Beautiful. You're a great person, Lora.

Anonymous said...

the writing is beautiful and it has brought back the daughter that i know. all these things you have created through your writing i know there is a book in you somewhere. and you have done a wonderful job with griffin it is only going to get better i know. love you much. mom

KCsMom said...

Hi Lora,

Your Mom is right, perhaps one day you would like to write a book about life with Griffin, Autism and BP.
I love the list you made, I would have said the same.

Anonymous said...

This is a great blog that you have, I will steal your idea to make a list of all that I am thankful for. I hope it will help me in the sam way that it has helped you...

please feel free to check out my blog!

Bronwyn G said...

Or maybe Griffin Blaise could write the book himself.