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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

That Look of Pride

The first time ever I have seen Griffin glowing with a pure sense of pride. He wrote "FISH" all by himself on his Doodle Pro and he kept on showing it to me saying "Look mommy, fish" and my eyes watered from sheer joy of watching my son gleam with pride just like a regular kiddo. I don' t know if he has seen the word spelled out somewhere or not but I do know that there are fish on his V-Smile but not the words and I have a sneaking suspicion that he just figured it out on his own. No matter how or why at this point what is important is that he felt an emotion that NT kiddos feel and that more and more each day he is behaving like a NT child. I have noticed lately that he seems to feel pain much more than he ever used to. He actually reacts when he falls now and he always says, "Griffin, are you okay?" and perseverates until I say it back to him. Yea, he still does things that are very "autistic" and there are reminders here and there but not as often as before. His tantrums have nearly ceased to exist at all anymore. Something happened over the Christmas break while I was in the hospital and Griffin was staying with Kathleen. I could speculate all night long and never know exactly why but I do know that he has changed since then and I am so very proud of him. It has been suggested that I may have another "Temple Grandin on my hands" and by golly Peggy, I think you may just have a point there. More and more he amazes me yet doesn't surprise me. He progresses so rapidly that I can hardly keep up with what he knows/has learned each day. Griffin is becoming more high functioning and I am realizing that I am uneducated on how a NT kiddo acts, speaks, learns, etc.....I need to brush up on how to deal with NT children so that I can better understand this child that Griffin is becoming. I hope that those of you with autistic children can feel some sense of inspiration and hope for the possibility that your child too can progress and move toward the goal of having a bit of "NT" even if it's just a little bit, in his/here life. No matter what method is being used I have heard many stories of how children with autism have developed and eventually become more like NT kiddos. I was reading on one blog yesterday about how the child was acting NT on some days and autistic on all the other days. I can relate to that but Griffin has more like autistic moments and NT days lately. I am so very proud of him and absolutely elated that he was so happy and proud of his own accomplishment.


Kristina Chew said...

Autistic persons help us all to redefine the meaning of "normal" and "NT"; to be different in ways beyond race, ethnicity, religion, class.

Felicity said...

Grif has every right to be so proud and SO DO YOU! You're a great Momma!

KCsMom said...

Oh how he looks so proud! He is just glowing with pride! What a great job Griffin!

Wendy said...

I just found your blog. I wish I had more time so I could sit down and read each and every entry because, with the little bit that I have read, your son sounds a lot like mine. My little boy is 2 yrs, 8 months. He's known the alphabet, numbers, shapes and colors since he was 20 months old. Since Christmas we've realized that he can spell 14 different words, on Friday he recited the alphabet backwards, and he can put a puzzle together (even ones meant for much older children) within minutes.

Reading about Griffin gives me a little insight as to how my son will be in a few years.

Thanks for sharing.

Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

Sounds like Griffin is really shining!!! How amazingly wonderful for both of you!

mommyguilt said...

OH GRIFFIN I AM SOOOOOO PROUD OF YOU!!! Lora, you must be beaming! That is so awesome. He looks so happy in the picture too, you can see the pride in his face. I can only imagine the pride on yours! You're such an awesome & strong mama with such a strong and fantastic little boy!


peggyloumorgan said...

Based on my memory of the book by Temple Grandin's Mom, Mrs. Culter, it sounds like Griffin may be doing better than she did at that age. Temple would be the first to say go for it Griffin. She is truly a wonderful person.