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Sunday, February 19, 2006

What's Up Lately

I haven't posted in awhile so I thought that I would write a little something just so that my fellow bloggers and friends would know that we are alive & kickin' :)
Griffin is doing great at home and at school as usual and I am doing better. I found out that I have a moderately high deficiency of Vitamin D which has caused some physical symptoms like pain in my hips and spine. Due to the fact that without proper amounts of this vitamin the bones become soft and I guess that I have had the problem for quite awhile and didn't realize it. I thought that I was just out of shape. According to the nurse practitioner one cannot get sufficient amounts of Vitamin D just through foods and regular supplements, it is necessary to get it from the sun. Well, living in Alaska in the winter it is not often that we see the sun much less get enough on our skin for Vitamin D. Also, in the summer I keep my skin covered up because I get sun poison if I am exposed to the sun even for a few minutes, so who knows how long it has been since I have absorbed enough Vitamin D to keep my level within normal range. Anyhow, she is treating me with mega doses of the vitamin and after just one dose and lots of rest I can feel some difference. I think it is pretty rare for individuals to have this problem but if you ever have unexplained pain in the hips and/or spine accompanied with stiffness much like arthritic pain and you haven't been in the sun for awhile you might consider asking your health professional to check your Vitamin D level. I am so glad that it was a problem in which a simple vitamin could take care of and that I will be pain free relatively soon.


Kristina Chew said...

Take care of yourself. Hope Griffin does not have any of these biomedical concerns, too.

KCsMom said...

Look at Griffin as a little baby! O.k. Lora I coming to Alaska and taking this little guy home with me! He is so so cute! He has the biggest smile!

Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

Gosh he's just gorgeous isn't he??? what a handsome handsome boy you made :)

Kiralea Powell said...

Hi Lora

What a georgeous baby. your Genes with him served him well obviously.
I still think Jordan and Griffin could pass as brothers.
Hugs Kiralea