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Saturday, July 29, 2006

2+2=4 , Happy Birthday to Me & Dad

Just a bit of news about Griffin and the computer, somewhere he has learned to type out 2+2=4. I have no idea where he learned this from because he didn't learn it at school (I checked with Kathleen) and I certainly didn't teach him because we haven't attempted that kind of math yet but it looks like he is ready for it 'eh? My little guy just never ceases to amaze me.

In other news, today is my 42nd birthday and what makes it extra special is that it is also my dad's birthday. So, happy birthday dad I sure wish that we lived closer so that we could celebrate our birthday together. Thanks for sharing your birthday with me, I love you dad.


K.C.'sMommy said...

Hi Lora and Griffin,

Happy Happy Birthday dear friend! Hope you have a beautiful day with your Sonshine and a Happy Birthday!
Sending you extra special hugs and super Birthday Wishes your way!
Happy Birthday to Lora's Daddy too!

Wow Griffin! What a smart little guy! Yep it sounds like he's ready for Math Lora! That sure is great news! Big Brother loves Math too!

Melissa said...

Happy Birthday! I hope you have a fantastic day! Happy Birthday to your father as well! What a special bond. :)

Yay Griffin! What a smart cookie he is to have figured out addition all on his own. That's great!

kyra said...

happy happy birthday!!! hope you had a fantastic day with your sweet little smarty guy!

Mr Ornery said...

Happy birthday, Lora!! And as for Griffin and his math, I believe he's given you quite the birthday present. Always surprising you.

NebraskaMommy25 said...

WOW! Great job Griffin!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hopefully you'll get a chance to go out for martinis ;) That is my favorite thing to do on my birthday, even though I am single! I usually drag someone along!

Mom to Mr. Handsome said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!! Hope you had a great day!!


tina giovanni said...

Happy belated birthday! Griffin has the most wonderful smile.

Vidya Ganesh said...

Belated birthday wishes to you and your dad Lora. :). Hope you had a fantastic day.

I am very glad to hear about Griffin. :)). Take care to watch what else he is able to do using computers. If he finds computers fascinating, then try and teach as much as you can using computers.

YES! as all experts recommeds, let there be strictly scheduled time for computers. :))).

All the best.

mommyguilt said...

HOORAY!!!!!!! Happy Birthday to you and to your dad! I hope you had a wonderful wonderful day!

Griffin's writing on the post above looks great! He's always impressing (but not surprising) us with his abilities!!!!11

Griffin, give your mommy a big birthday hug for me!