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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Swimming, Matching Game, and Puzzles

Griffin is doing so well in everything that he is doing lately. At the pool on Wednesday he actually swam for the first time to keep his head above water. Okay, so it was more like treading water but nevertheless he was swimming because he was paddling his legs and arms. Griffin had speech on Friday morning and he played a matching game much like the game of "concentration" where the cards are face down and you only pick up one at a time and turn it over until you have a match. Lisa, the SLP, said that Griffin has a photographic memory because he could remember the cards so well and where they were located. In the afternoon on Friday Griffin had OT with Gayle at the clinic and they played on an obstacle course that Gayle had put together. Lately, he has shown a lot of interest in doing puzzles and in particular a Sesame Street puzzle. So, what Gayle did was put the puzzle pieces all along the obstacle course so that Griffin would have to keep using his gross motor skills through the course in order to get the puzzle pieces. He had to work for each piece but he didn't seem to mind at all because he was so determined to complete the puzzle.

The weather has been a bit on the nippy side , it's only been in the high 50's and lower to mid 60's and cloudy most of the time. Today it is sunny and at 2:30 in the afternoon it is only 62 degrees so far with a breeze blowing. I can't recall in the 15 yrs. I've been living here that it has been so cool during the summer so it is quite unusual. I don't mind it so much since I am allergic to the sunlight it sure makes life easier for me that I don't have to hide from the sun all day long. That's all folks, hope you're having a great weekend.


Melissa said...

Wow, Lora! It sounds like Griffin is doing awesome! I'm so happy for both of you! Keep up the wonderful work. :)

Melissa H said...

Hooray for swimming!!! That's great!!! Conor has just recently accepted putting his mouth in the water to blow bubbles and only occasionally lets me put his legs behind him, to kick.

Tell Griffin that Conor and I think he is super awesome!!

K.C.'sMommy said...

Awesome Job Griffin! It must be so fun to watch him swim Lora! He looks so happy:) I bet he'll be swimming on his own before you know it.
K.C. likes puzzles and matching too. In OT he has been playing with the puzzles that make sounds each time you fit a piece properly. He likes the car sounds.
You are such a good Mommy Lora:) Give Griffin a hug for us:)

Vidya Ganesh said...

WOW!!! Great to hear that Griffin is doing well in lots of activities. :)). Tell him that we are really very proud of him. :))

Mom to Mr. Handsome said...

You are allergic to the sun light? What happens when you get too much sun?

I thought the obstacle course with the puzzle pieces was such a great idea. Great job Griffin on the swimming :o)


Wendy said...

I love that picture of Griffin! He looks SO happy. So great to hear how well he's doing. Keep up the good work (Mom and Griffin!).

Mr Ornery said...

I tread water like a brick which puts Griffin another one up on me. The puzzle pieces spread around the obstacle course was ingenious. I'm betting Griffin challenges Gayle to keep coming up with new ideas. Great update!