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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Speech, O.T., and You My Friends

Here is a cool pic of a griffin and one of these days I am going to sculpt one just like it. That is when I get motivated to do so. The weather is still on the chilly side, it is only 64 degrees here today and overcast skies. Not much of a summer that we are having this year but, I am not complaining because it still beats the heck out of sub-zero temps and lots and lots of darkness. At least we do have plenty of daylight even if it is overcast.

Griffin had speech yesterday with Lisa and he got a bit antsy and couldn't focus on the task at hand so Lisa would give him breaks which seemed to help. He did pretty good on the matching game (much like the game of "go fish") and seemed to be quite happy when he would make a match after asking me or Lisa if we had the card that he needed. Lisa thought that perhaps he was acting the way he was (restless and uninterested) because the task that she was asking him to do may have been a bit too difficult because he would stand there holding his ears in protest.
Griffin also had O.T. with Gayle yesterday afternoon. He was totally unfocused during his session but Gayle handled it very well (way to go Gayle!!!!!!!!) just like a pro. Both Lisa and Gayle are excellent in what they do and I know that I don't say it near enough but I do appreciate your hard work and dedication.

I hope that all of you visited Tina's (K.C.'s mommy) and shared with her some words of inspiration and encouragement, she can definitely use the support. I remember last December when I was having a crisis and all of you came to the resue and helped me out tremendously.
All of you may live far far away from me but, it doesn't mean that I care any less about you all and your families. You are my friends and I cherish you as such and I look forward to knowing you all much better as I read from your blogs each day/week.

Love to all of you and big hugs from Alaska


Peggy Lou Morgan said...

I'm heading for Alaska. It is nearly 100 in several spots of Oregon most of the week and higher in some spots. I think it was 108 in Hillsboro near Portland.

There are always going to be times of being unfocused. I am sure that Lisa and Gayle had lots of experience with more than just Griffin. It's probably harder on you.

Thanks for your comment on my blog.

K.C.'sMommy said...

Thank you my dear friends. Thank you for you support and beautiful words.

Please give Griffin a hug for us and know that you are in our hearts each and everyday.

You are an excellent Mommy and Griffin is one smart kiddo.

The temperatures sound wonderful, it was 118 here two days ago:( Alaska sounds beautiful indeed.

Hugs to you both,
Tina and Boys

NebraskaMommy25 said...

Great job with therapy Griffin! I was going to name our second child Griffin to matcg Gage's name, but we ended up having a girl! Gage & Griffin would have been cute though! I used to do a lot of pottery in high school, I enjoyed it very much. I have thought about getting a wheel at some point & some clay so I could make it again, but it costs so much $$$ for the clay, glazes, having it fired, ect. Hopefully SOMEDAY LOL I think it would be fun to sculpt a griffin ;)

JodiTucker said...

Hi Lora,
I just finished watching the "Normal People Scare Me" DVD.
It was excellent. I want to lend it out to all my teaching colleagues and the parents of the spectrum kids at my school. Thanks for making me aware of this documentary about autism.
PS---My cast (from surgery) comes off tomorrow! YEAH!

Mr Ornery said...

Just letting you know I stopped by. I for one will be encouraging you with the sculpting. And I know that despite any 'off days' Griffin continues to learn and grow and develop. He's as determined as his mom. :) (By the way, blogger is playing games so I hope you see this.)

Tina said...

Way to go, Griffin! Check out this site lots of good suggestions and ideas. THey send out emails daily with questions and answers...etc.

mommyguilt said...

Hi Guys! Sounds like you're BOTH doing awesome! Griffin I'm SO proud of you for using the toilet! As I'm sitting here at work with the sound of extremely LOUD and vibrating and grating construction in the office below me, I'm thinking about how Griffin must have felt with his eyes dialated. I can't imagine, the headache that would have caused and then the lack of focus after that.

Kudos to all of our OTs & SLPs! They are incredible!

Griff, Mommy. Love you tons!