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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Using the Toilet!!!!!

GREAT NEWS! Griffin used the toilet again all by himself! He was in the bathtub and I had walked out of the bathroom just for a moment and heard the toilet seat clank open so I ran back into the bathroom and much to my surprise Griffin was standing there peeing in the toilet. I gave him all kinds of praise and he stood there when he was done just gleaming with pride. About half an hour later he had gone in the bathroom again and tore off his diaper and was attempting to go again but nothing would come out but I gave him tons of praise anyhow. I am so very proud of my little guy, he is really growing up. Yesterday morning Griffin had an eye doctor's appointment and it did not go well. He ended up having a meltdown because they made us wait so dang long plus they dialated his eyes which I think may have given him a headache. I asked if we could avoid doing the dialation but the woman told me how important it was for the doctor to see behind his eyes and check them out. I was worried about his sensory issues and the light hurting his eyes but I caved in and let her put the drops in. Griffin's meltdown lasted about 2 hours even after we finally got home he was still quite upset. Do any of you know if it was absolutely necessary for them to dialate his eyes or not?????? What do you think I should have done? What would you have done? He is a happy camper today and just got on the school bus really well, happy as can be!!!! Hope that you're having a great day!


Vidya ganesh said...

Hi lora!

Dilation is necessary for checking the eye. It enlarges the pupils and enable the doctor to have a better view of the retina and optic nerve head in the back of the eye.

If at all you are taking Griffin for the check-up next time, my suggestion is that, you prepare him in advance to the session. Talk to him about it. You could even try and use a social story. It will definitely help.

Pass on my hugs to Griffin. :))).

Mr Ornery said...

I think vidya gansh said everything there is to say about the eye examination so I'm just going to say 'way to go, Griffin!' And no pun intended there.

K.C.'sMommy said...

Hi Lora and Griffin,
Great news about using the toilet all by himself! Gosh he's a smart lil guy:) You are such a super, patient, loving Mother.
Give him a hug for us and tell him we said, "awesome job using the toilet!" He's such a cool kiddo:)

NebraskaMommy25 said...

YAY! Good job Griffin!!!!! Whoo hoo!!!
As for the eye exam, my son has the same problem with eye drops. He has gotten MUCH better though, because he has a lazy eye and had to have drops ALL SUMMER LONG. I had to hold him down, and basically put my leg across his torso and lean over him and pin his arms with the arm I was putting the drops in. It was crazy! But by the end of this month he is so good with them, he just cries a little. I *do* think they need to dialate the eye. My father has worked in the optical business and an optician for 30 years & he always said how important it was to test the parts inside the eyes and whatnot. Hang in there, hopefully he wont have to go back for a while!

Sabrina said...

Dilation is necessary, I had to do the same thing for Nico. However, he fell asleep in the car on the way home. His body and mind were really taxed after that event. I have to congratulate Griffin on using the potty!! Way to go!! I am so proud of him!!!