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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

How to Prevent Common Childhood Injuries

Here are some great tips that you may already know as the fantastic parent that you are but it never hurts to have reminders. Take a look just for a quick brush up....and you can always pass it on. This was shared by Nancy Parker. The website is Nanny Source, I have to say that I do not have experience with them personally but I do like their articles.

Griffin loves his "scribble pad" or as you may know it as a Doodle Pro. He doesn't go anywhere without it and is constantly drawing on it. He goes to "meet the teacher" tomorrow and I think that he is excited, I know that he is excited to start school Thursday. I will miss having him around to hang out with although it will be nice to know that he will not be so bored and looking for things to do all day long, even though he has plenty to do. Not looking forward to homework but maybe the new system that I have in mind will work....fingers crossed. Griffin has a hard time sitting still for anything ADHD, and it creates a challenge especially for reading and homework. So there will be more to be written on the subject in the future.

My Aunt Patty still needs prayers as we are hoping for her recovery, she is still in the hospital. My time is up on the computer, Griffin has reminded me....time to go.


Looking for Blue Sky said...

Best of luck with the new term and the homework plan!

Socal Greens said...

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