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Sunday, August 05, 2012


Yesterday, we started out with Griffin getting up late since he stayed up late the night before. I have to say that we both do better in the summer staying up late and for him to get up late so mom can have some "me" time in the morning that is crucial to my well being. He has his play time during the evening running around in order to diffuse and calm down while mom relaxes. (Although, this morning Griffin woke me at 5:00 a.m., stayed up for 2 hours without being sleepy and it was all I could do to stay awake.  I drank my coffee and woke myself up and can't get back to sleep and he went back to sleep. Guess I will really be tired by the evening.....darn good thing I love coffee so much!)

Then we went to visit my Aunt Gail about 30 minutes away, she lives in a rest home because she had a major stroke years ago and she really likes to see Griffin so we ventured out with Abby on a small road trip. When we got there she wanted Pepsi, I am sure that she is addicted but what's the harm when one is in such a situation there's got to be some pleasure in life right? Then she wanted some candy so we went to the store to get some Snickers and all the time Griffin was so patient. I sat and talked to her for about 30 minutes and all the while Griffin laid in the bed next to hers and drew on his Doodle Pro quietly.

I feel so bad for my aunt and all that she has been through but she has come a long way. She went from not having any control of her speech and the entire right side of her body to learning to talk again, now one can understand her much easier than just a few months ago. I think that she is feeling better about herself because she is wearing her false teeth again, wearing earrings, and she seems to want to be more social. For having had a stroke as major as she had, she is quite lucid and seems to know what she is saying most the time.

We later went to the lake because Griffin had so patiently waited for his reward even though he wanted to see his Aunt Gail his ultimate goal was the lake. He just cannot get enough of seeing the wildlife and the serene water there. I think that he enjoys the people there too because every time we go he mentions them. I follow him as he carefully walks around the gaggles of geese and all the ducks that are around, some eating the bread thrown out by the children hanging out there. We stopped bringing bread because Griffin simply enjoys the company of the wildlife and the scenery.

The schedule that I am using for Griffin, the pocket-sized one that I keep in my purse, that is really simple is working like a charm I am still happy to report. Griffin and I are having a blast together and he is having far fewer meltdowns and when he does have one it is less intense. I am keeping a journal of the ones he has and the circumstances for TEACCH, we go back tomorrow, so that we can maybe make some sense of what is going on with them.

I made some signs for Griffin to use for when either of us get upset and need to use our words: "Mom, you are angry please take a break" and "Mom, I need a break" and "Mom, my feelings are hurt". I am hoping that those will help him and me too. Maybe I should make some for me to use too!


Chris P-M said...

It sounds like Griffin has come a long way! Teaching about feelings has been tough for us...our son didn't get them right away.

It is hard having aging parents / relatives, especially when we see their quality of life compramised. (That is the case with my father-in-law right now too.) We just keep on, keeping on....with our children and the others we love!

jazzygal said...

Patients and patience....wonderful!!

I totally understand about your Aunt, my mam had her 2nd massive stroke 2 months ago followed by other complications and is now back in nursing home with her speech and swallow (mostly) returned! Incredible.

Great news about Griffin and his schedule :-)

xx Jazzy

kristi said...

Sounds like a great day!