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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Pre-teen and Growing Up

Griffin is being reminded by people that the hair on his legs is growing longer and that he is getting a mustache and I don't know if they are talking to him about it in school but he has been obsessing over this pre-teen growing up and getting older issue so we have been talking a lot about it. He told me that he is afraid of growing up, getting old, and dying. He told me that he knows that I am going to be an old lady "soon"; I am 48 but to him that is ancient, and the poor guy has reason to worry because I am not Spring chicken but I did not let him think that I was going to kick the bucket anytime soon. I did my best to get him excited about growing older and told him that great things happen when you grow up like learning to ride a bike, like going to college, getting a job, learning to drive a car.....he may or may not do all of these things but I certainly want him to dream big. I want him to aspire to do these things to strive to achieve all that he could possibly conquer in spite of his autism. In fact, I think that he could use his autism to his advantage especially through his art and with the computers. But I digress......

I want Griffin to feel comfortable growing up especially since I think that he is about to hit puberty, he is exhibiting signs of hormonal changes now with his moods and other behaviors. We are going to see a psychologist now who I really like and I trust that he will lead us in the right direction.

I have been staying busy, busier than I realized I would since Griffin started school. I think that I am going to start doing my photography again. I went to the lake and took some photos yesterday and I must say that they came out pretty good. They camera is old and is limited but that's okay I can work with it for now.

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wendy said...

beautiful pictures - keep it up if it makes you happy