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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Griffin's Independence

I forgot to mention in my last post that I have also called the 911 dispatch and told them that I have a 4 year old autistic child in my home so that if anything were to happen they have on record that he is here and what to expect in the case of an emergency. It is my understanding that the fire fighters and the local police force have all been trained in what to do with an autistic child in an emergency situation.

I would like to brag a bit about Griffin's independence lately. He has not only show that he can function independently but is also very compliant with me, cleaning up his toys with only one request, putting items in the garbage or in the sink with only one request also. Griffin has been going to bed nicely in his own (new) bed all by himself without snuggles and even without any type of encouragement, and he stays in his bed all night long I am so very proud of him, he is doing such a fantastic job. Even though he is bored he still has an excellent disposition (bright and sunny) and tends to keep himself occupied regardless. Griffin is such a trooper, so patient and tolerant, he really is progressing nicely. Now that he is out of school for awhile there is great potential for him to have excessive energy that he doesn't know what to do with but he still remains quite stable as far as his moods go and has had meltdowns few and far between. We've been going to the playground just about every day and we take Abby (the service dog) for a walk twice a day every day and sometimes go to the store. That's about it for now folks. Hope that you're having a great day just as we are.


K.C.'sMommy said...

Griffin is amazing! He is making HUGE strides! I love reading about him and how well he's doing. It sure gives me great hope. I always leave your blog feeling so much more hopeful about the future:) That is one special kiddo you got there Lora and you are one special Mommy:)

Peggy Lou Morgan said...

Good idea calling the fire bureau. That reminds me I don't think I have shared on my own blog what we have been doing to get Billy Ray acquainted with them BEFORE an emergency happened. I need to check on it and do it if I haven't already.

The independence seems to come and go at different stages with Billy Ray. We are getting it again right now.

Wendy said...

Griffin sounds great. And such a big boy now!

What would Abby do if Griffin suddenly bolted into traffic? What's her purpose? We've been thinking about a service dog but I haven't done any research into it yet.

Ann said...

Griffin is growing up fast in his independence and his desire to please you when asked to do a task, like clean up toys. This year has helped him know how to do the things he likes at home as well as becomming more verbal at home and school.You can just look at Griffin doing something and see the deep thought he is putting into each activity he is doing. Keep up the good work Griffin and pull all those patience together when he has a melt down, mom.

Aiden's Mommy said...

Hi Lora,

I came across your blog and wondered how well received your phone call was to the 911 dispatch. Is it possible that all local and state entities would want to know that information?

I've enjoyed your blog.