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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Jigsaw Puzzle at OT

Griffin is doing wonderfully in his ESY and seems to be much happier since going back to school. Today he went to OT swimming and did a great job of paddling his feet and going underwater. The other day at OT (at the clinic) Griffin put together an "I spy" floor size jigsaw puzzle (35 pieces) with a little bit of help from Gayle but mostly he did it by himself.

The weather has warmed up a bit, it finally got into the 60's with sunny skies and no rain, YIPEE! So, we are enjoying the nice weather and playing outside a lot. That's about it for today, not much else to report. Things are going really well for us. Have a great day!


Vidya Ganesh said...

Great to hear that things are going very well for you and that Griffin is doing very well in his ESY Lora. :).

My best wishes and have lots of fun!!!! :)))

Vidya Ganesh said...

And Lora...Griffin looks so happy and beautiful in that picture...he looks like a real angel...:))).

K.C.'sMommy said...

Oh Lora what a beautiful photo of Griffin! He sure is handsome and looks so happy! Wow that's a big puzzle he put together! He is so smart:) I wonder if there are Dora puzzles? I bet he would like one as a special surpise!

What an awesome guy! What an awesome Mommy!

Mr Ornery said...

Now if the weather will just cooperate, I'm betting we get to see Griffin playing jockey on another pony really soon. Hope so anyway.

kyra said...

yay for griffin! yay for the weather! so glad things are going well. yipee!!!

Peggy Lou Morgan said...

Good job Griffin. Great picture too.

Ann said...

Now Griffin seems really happy on the playground in that swing, oh how great it is to be young. He is growing up so fast and enjoys every minute of the day. Another one of your great photos.

Kiralea Powell said...

I love Griffins cheeky smile and soooo handsome. Hope the weather stays nice for you both.
I watched a documentry on Anchorage and let me tell you i cannot wait to see this amazing place and of course Griffin & you.

Hugs Kira

Tina said...

Thank you for reading my posts on jambav. Your son is beautiful and so smart! He looks like a very happy child. Keep up the good work. Tina