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Friday, June 09, 2006

Remembering the Love

Isn't it such a beautiful thing to watch your child sleeping? They are so angelic and peaceful. I don't know which I like better, taking pictures of him laughing and playing or sleeping. I guess that they each have their own appeal because they are both so precious in their own way. With every photo that I take I fall in love with him over and over again. The photos remind me of how fortunate I am to have such a wonderful child and within each image there lies the essence of what life is all about, the beauty of this innocent soul. I count my blessings each and every day and do my best to not take him or his unconditional love for granted. When Griffin has undesirable behaviors I tend to forget temporarily that he is the reason I live and breathe that he is the epitome of why life is so precious and worth living but I always snap out of it and remember why I love him so and why I was put on the face of this earth. There lies a part of me that I can always love and care for no matter how frustrated I might become at times with him. I have a friend who is struggling with her child's autism and how badly it effects him and boy do I feel for her because I do recall hating autism and what it caused my child to do like hurting himself. There have been times when I not only hated his autism but hated being Bipolar and what it has done to me. It was a challenge for me for years but now I have come to accept it, of course being on the right medications has made all the difference in the world for me. I would like to tell my friend that it's okay to be angry and hate the autism because it is a natural response to what she is experiencing with her child. Also that it may pass in time and she may come to accept it as part of their lives but in the meantime I encourage her to continue being the wonderful mommy that she is and never forget to give herself credit for taking such wonderful care of her son. For those of you who are going through the stage of hatred and anger just remember to do as my friend does and keep the focus on the child and not the autism. Also remember that there is hope for things to be different in the future. Griffin is a living example of how far children with autism can grow and develop. He has come a long way but it has taken time, it didn't happen overnight. I attribute his success to the remarkable therapies that he has had and the education he gets at school. I think that what has made the biggest difference is the Early Intervention that he has had since age 15 months until 3 years old. It gave him the head start that he needed to grow and learn and have the structure and routine that he needed to help him develop.

I have had 10,408 visits to the blog since November 10, 2005 and I would like to say thank you to everyone who visits this blog. I hope that you are enjoying reading about Griffin and myself and all the experiences that we have each week. Hopefully you are able to take something with you from this blog that is useful to you in some way. Take care my dear friends and have a great day!


Peggy Lou Morgan said...

Acceptance is a process. I went through it when my charming, quiet Billy Ray changed into a noisy and irritable child from a medication reaction. Our personalities totally clashed for a long time but eventually like you express we adapted.

There is nothing wrong with hating Autism or bipolar or any diagnosis as long as that hate doesn't relate to the person experiencing it. Certainly none of us like what a person has to experience when those diagnoses appear. We are challenged to lessened the impact to the degree possible. We just always love the child and hate the diagnosis.

He really is an angel in that picture.

K.C.'sMommy said...

Griffin is so beautiful:) Seeing his face sure gives a person a sense of peace and helps one to remember why we are fighting the Autism fight, for these beautiful little faces.
Sometimes it so, so, hard and so very unpredictable. Yours and Peggy Lou's words make so much sense to me.
Beautiful post.


Loving Liam said...

Thanks for sharing, as this really hit home as I am still in the beginning stages of acceptance. Griffin is so cute and I read everyday even if I don't comment.

pinklakelady said...

Oh how you can see the beauty of the heart when a child is asleep.

Mister Ornery said...

And as usual, the lady who insures that Griffin gets to all his appointments in timely fashion and insures that he has a stable and loving home environment is too modest to take a bow. So I offer a pat on the back instead.