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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Picnic and A Tub of Water

Yesterday we went to the "end of school" picnic for the autism classroom. There was the families, the staff, and friends there and I even met a former student of Kathleen's (the teacher) who I couldn't even tell that he's autistic or even ever was autistic. He seemed like a regular NT kiddo to me, he was about 7 or 8 yrs. of age and quite articulate. His mother reported proudly that he didn't start talking until age 5 yrs and now he is as verbal as any other child his age. It was encouraging to see this child doing so well, it seemed that the only major issue they faced was that he is a very picky eater and still has issues with food. At least that was the only issue at the moment. It was nice to be around so many other parents of autistic children and connect with them. Makes me wish that there was a picnic like every 3 months or so or some kind of meeting so that we could support each other and share our stories. Kathleen is an awesome teacher and Karen as well as Ed are pretty darn incredible as teacher's assistants. Together they make for happy and successful classroom of students including and especially my Griffin Blaise.

I think that this picture came out pretty cool looking. It's of Griffin in a tub of water that I had made for him because it was hot outside and we didn't have a kiddie pool for him to play in. I thought about getting on of those inflatable kind but they are kind of expensive for our budget and the summer just doesn't last that long here to make it worth it to spend that kind of money.I can't get one of the cheapy kinds because I don't have a vehicle to haul it in nor do I know someone who has a truck. Anyhow, if I can find a way to splurge then I will get him a pool but for now he enjoys having the tub of water (it's actually a storage container) to splash in and cool off. He doesn't seem to mind that it is rather small just as long as there's enough water in it to cover his little body when he sits down in it.


Mr Ornery said...

I'll repeat what I've already told you. The photo of Griffin in the tub is awesome. 'The Thinker' before he grew up to be a statue. :)

Melissa H said...

What a great shot, Lora!! I love it!! That one is definitely framworthy for the house (or at least Christmas cards!)

Melissa said...

That is such a great picture! How encouraging that picnic must have been. I'm glad you were able to attend. :)

Mom to Mr. Handsome said...

Gabe will play with water anywhere! I think it is a cool pic of Griffin in the tub too :o) How many months of warm weather do you get there? It feels like only three here in Michigan.


Lora said...

We get about 4-5 months of warm weather. Depends on what one thinks is warm though because to us it is considered to be warm when it is in the 60's. Some people might consider that to still be cold weather. I will keep you posted as the summer goes along as to how hot it gets up here.

K.C.'sMommy said...

Hello Lora,
Cool photos of the Griffinator! The picnic sounds great! Griffin sure does have an awesome team of folks working with him:) He is an amazing little guy.

pinklakelady said...

Yes I agree with Mr. O, he is thinking, but I can see a small bit of wonder in his eyes.We can only imagine what reflections he sees in the water. Great photo.