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Friday, April 16, 2010

Doodle Pro is Griffin's Favorite and You Can Buy It Right Here!

This Doodle Pro is Griffin's absolute favorite toy and has been for several years now. He has had one and worn them out over and over and generally takes it almost everywhere he goes. It is so useful because it is so sturdy and really the only way that they are worn out is if the pencil is damaged or it is stepped on too many times. Otherwise it lasts for a very long time, it is the best money that I have ever spent on him because the other toys come and go and his interest wanes but not with the Doodle Pro.

The "Best Price" is only $11.99 which is an excellent deal and brand new is a mere $17.95 well worth the money. All you have to do is to click on the blue highlighted words to order it from Besides if you order it from my blog then I get a small percentage of the sale......which I can really use!


Jean said...

it's great that something so simple has such a positive impact on Griffin. Thanks for sharing xxx

Show Me Mama said...

I am now following you from MBC. You can visit me at

Anonymous said...

You sound like an awesome mom. I've been looking for a Doodle Pro! I have a mini one that my 3 year old and 13 month old fight over!

Found you on MBC.