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Saturday, April 03, 2010

Good Days and Days That are Not so Good

I went to see my doctor deity two days ago and he told me that my extreme fatigue was caused by the Topomax that I was taking but I had my doubts because I was sure that it was my Fibromyalgia (flare up). Well, yesterday was great, after over a month of feeling horribly debilitated and useless, and I was full of energy....this is indicative of Fibromyalgia (the ebb and flow off good and bad days). But this morning I am feeling terrible again and I didn't take the Topomax which means that it is not the medicine....very discouraging!

Having Fibromyalgia is so frustrating in so many ways because 1. nobody can understand what it is really like unless they are going through it. 2. The doctors don't know what to do about it really because they don't even know what causes it. 3. It can be so debilitating and so painful that one does not even have the ability to function normally and take care of regular every day chores and activities. It is such a struggle just to make oneself get out of a horizontal position and do anything.

I am so happy and fortunate that my moods are stable in spite of feeling so bad physically. My doctor deity has gotten my bipolar meds straightened out so that there are no fluctuations in my moods. So very grateful of that because that is a major ordeal when it is out of whack. I am so blessed in so many ways and I am always aware of that. Just because I may feel bad physically doesn't mean that there is a reason to forget that there are so many blessing that we have in our lives. There is never a reason to not have a positive attitude and to not be thankful!

The weather here is gorgeous, it was 82 degrees here yesterday and it looks like it is going to be another beautiful day today. We are supposed to go to my aunt's house for a cookout where my cousin Charlie lives as well and boy, does Griffin love him! Griffin adores men and boys probably because there are none in his life as far as having a father or siblings. So I appreciate the fact that Griffin loves Charlie and follows him around like a little puppy. I try to go over there as much as possible so that Griffin can have some male bonding time. In fact, he is asking me right now if we are going there right at this very moment but we're not supposed to go until 1:00. He is so eager to get there.

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Jen said...

A big hug for you, I hope you pick up soon. I know several people with Fibro and have some understanding of the struggle. Take care:) Jen.