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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

You're Tagged! Jen, Jazzygal, Melissa H., Jean, Tara, & Fiona 15 Things About Me

1.Things that scare me
-Griffin being hurt/taken by someone
-Falling into water while in a car
-Griffin getting loose from me and running into traffic

2.People who make me laugh

3.Things I hate the most
-People chewing with their mouths open
-Exhaust fumes
-Being depressed

4.Things I don't understand
-Lack of compassion
-How someone could harm a child
-How anyone can harm an animal

5.Things I am doing right now
-Watching the dog and cat play together
-Listening to the news
-Missing Griffin, he just got on the bus, but enjoying the peacefulness.

6.Things I want to do before I die
-To own at least one horse
-Make sure that Griffin is set for life
-Grow very old

7.Things I can do
-Write an excellent research paper

8.Ways to describe my personality

9.Things I can't do
-Listen to someone talk to me while the t.v. is on
-Eat pork, I'm allergic to it

10.Things I think that you should listen to
-The crickets on a summer's night
-Elderly people
-Your children

11.Things you should never listen to
-Negative self-talk

12.Things I'd like to learn
-How to write a book
-More foreign languages
-More and more about Griffin and autism

13.Favorite foods
-Anything/everything Greek
-My mom's potato salad
-Godiva ice cream

14.Beverages I drink regularly
-Iced tea
-Red wine

15.Shows I watched as a kid
-The Flintstones
-The Brady Bunch
-Starsky and Hutch

16.Persons I am tagging to do this meme
-Melissa H.



Jen said...

I have nightmares about the car/water thing, I must look it up to see if there is a general meaning to it. Hmm, maybe I should have kept that bit of info to myself!! Thanks for tagging me:) Jen.

Petunia said...

Thats bizarre Lora and Jen, I get nightmares about driving into water and not being able to unclip the kids seatbelts to get them out in time! Great post Lora, love reading these and finding out more about people xx

Melissa H said...

I have a distinct memory of eating fish and chips from a local fish fry and watching Starsky & Hutch. :-D

I can't wait to do this post! :-)

jazzygal said...

Great list Lora! Nice to learn more about you! We watched similar programmes when we were kids so we did ;-)

Thanks for the tag! xx Jazzy

Jean said...

love this list, and thanks for the tag xxx

Clive said...

Really interesting list, thanks for the tag!