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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Joseph Campbell's The Heroes Journey. Buy it right from this blog post

This is what I am now reading and it is compelling to say the least! Joseph Campbell was an amazing man who was so wise to the world and all its matrix. He shows how the world is all connected spiritually on so many different levels regardless of their religions and beliefs.

I highly recommend this to anyone and everyone because it is going to have something in it that you can take with you and learn about different cultures around the globe, their rituals and how those rituals are so similar to us all. It blends East and West and there he is right there in the midst of it all with all his wisdom.

Joseph Campbell was truly remarkable and I really think that you will become fascinated and be a great fan of his by the end of the book. This is a great price as low as $5.00 used.

All you have to do to purchase this book is to click on the highlighted "Best Price" or where is shows the title of the book "The Heroes Journey" and it will take you to so you can order it at any price you choose, used or brand new.

1 comment:

Clive said...

Sounds like a very interesting read! Must look out for it!