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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cathartic Expression

My friend Jen left a comment that she likes what I do here with a mixture of talking about autism and our other personal life so I am going to respond likewise. I had left a post on here that the "Cathartic Expression" was going to be about our daily activities and this one was just going to be about autism but she changed my mind. So here is what I wrote on that blog:

This is a photo of Mr. Pumpkin the horse that I rode on Friday and Griffin rode yesterday at Free Rein. He is a Halflinger. He looks like a small draft horse and is very gentle. I bet when he is well groomed that he is just gorgeous.

Just hanging out with Griffin who is out of school today because I overslept due to my Fibromyalgia and then I couldn’t take him to school because I didn’t have enough gas. Good thing that I get money in the bank tomorrow!

I feel so terrible today, so very tired and weak but I refuse to lie down and sleep the day away. I have to fight the Fibro. or it will rule my life and get the best of me. Dr. Husted wants me to exercise in spite of feeling this way and I am here to tell you that it is nearly impossible to do that! Imagine not sleeping for days how you would feel….do you think that you would have the motivation to exercise?

My dear friend Stephen is sending me $100.00 out of the kindness of his heart because he knows that Griffin and I struggle and that we live below the poverty line, that it is very hard for me to put food on the table every month. We only get $44.00 in food stamps and we are lucky to get that much! Food is the major expense other than the big bills that we have. I swear I spend well over $200.00 a month on food plus I have to buy food for the dog and cat too. Stephen is so very kind and has such a big heart to reach out and help us like that. That is so very rare these days and I am so very grateful for his generosity. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful friend, to have such a great group of support in my Facebook and blogging friends, and then there are the friends that I have outside of that with whom I communicate with online. It is a shame that the friends that I have here in person never answer their phones or return their calls. Griffin has been crying and having meltdowns over wanting to see his godmother and she just won’t respond.

It is not for me to judge because everyone has their own life and I do not know why one is or is not acting upon my requests. I love my friends unconditionally and that is NO MATTER WHAT! When it comes down to it and I really need help they are there for me. They helped me move here from SC and helped to furnish my apartment and we used to hang out together but it just kind of petered out. So, my online friends are my close friends too and right now they are the ones who help me the most. I am addicted to Facebook for a very good reason.


Jen said...

Ok, hope it goes well for you:) Will miss the mixture here though, I like what you do here :) Jen.

Melissa H said...

One of these days, our financial situation will turn around. And you, dear Lora, are #1 on my Pay it Forward list. You are such a blessing to me. xoxo