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Thursday, March 18, 2010

CAFE Bonnie: Coffee Autism Faith Explored

CAFE Bonnie: Coffee Autism Faith Explored

This is a new blog that I discovered that Bonnie writes. She is the speaker, author, and the founder of National Autism Resources and she has a son who is on the spectrum. I found her blog to be very informative and quite enjoyable to read. There is no rambling and going on about personal problems but just pleasant insights and great resources.

I plan to highlight the National Autism Resources blog and business website very soon, so be on the lookout for that because they are fantastic and full of information as well.

Griffin was at his worst last night as far as getting his homework done. His behavior was not bad but he was just so distracted it was just horrible! I swear that I have tried every trick in the book: the timer, the schedule, taking breaks, taking away privileges, being firm, being super patient, reward system, doing work in the morning vs. doing it at night, always sitting with him to be there for help when he needs it and to help him focus, reminding him every 4 minutes to do his work and to stop staring out into space, I have tried giving him sensory time when he takes breaks like playing with play-doh or jumping on the mini-tramp or drawing or reading or whatever I can think of...... Nothing works!!!!

Anyone have any ideas? The IEP is scheduled for the 26th and the advocate from the Autism Society is going with me. We are supposed to meet for coffee soon to go over some information about Griffin beforehand. I am so eager to get this meeting started and done with to finally have some goals for Griffin. He has been without an IEP for a few months now and I know that is not legal but they did it. And before that he was on his 1st grade IEP because they wouldn't grant me the meeting that I practically begged for since August.

I am seriously thinking about changing schools in the fall to a school that has an autism program. Even though Griffin would be in a mainstream classroom he would have the expertise of the autism teacher within the school to use as a reference for his teacher. And maybe he would actually get to do some activities with the other autistic students. I will keep you updated.


The Glasers said...

You may not like my suggestion, but here goes . . . Children in the autism spectrum have to work so hard to keep it all together in school. When you think about the sensory issues, the transitions, the unpredictability, every time they make it through a school day without flare-ups is a miracle!

I side with Tony Attwood's article on homework.

Bonnie said...

Hi Lora,
Thank you for mentioning my blog. I would put a follow button if I knew how... 8-P

Here are a few things that I know have helped other children with sitting and staying on task:

Let your child sit on a seating disc. This exercises the core muscles and helps to keep children alert.

Placing an exercise band around the front chair legs so your child has something to kick against while working, again alerting.

Weighted Vest, Lap Pad, or Shoulder Weights According to a study by the Challenge Infant Developmental Center, of Brooklyn, New York children with autism, who used a weighted vest, displayed an increase in attention to task and decrease in self-stimulatory behaviors. The most consistent improvement observed was the decreased number of distractions.

Lora said...

The Glasers: I completely understand what you are talking about and I concur. Griffin has a hard time and that is why I am going to do what Bonnie has suggested in order to help him through his sensory issues. Griffin has to learn how to get along in the world and part of that is doing homework. He is in a mainstream classroom and he is living in a mainstream world therefore he must get along somehow.

I am not going to be around forever and he has got to learn to be independent and it won't necessarily be easy but I will do my part to help him out along the way. We will figure it out and he will be able to do homework eventually.

Thank you for your input.

Bonnie: Thank you so much for your suggestions I will follow them and do what it takes to help my little guy!

jazzygal said...

Good luck with the IEP Lora!

Oh, been there,done that with the Homework! Some excellent advice here and you seem to be doing everything that I've tried too. It took from September til just after Xmas for homework to start going well for us. Although tonight wasn't a great success! Have you tried EyeQ or MorEpa omega 3 supplements??? I do think they help.

Good luck! xx Jazzy

Jean said...

We have similar problems (at times)with Bob...inconsistency drives me nuts at times. A particular solution sometimes works for a few days and then becomes ineffective.
best of luck with the IEP. I find it an invaluable tool XXX

Jen said...

No suggestions on the homework front as my son isn't in school yet, sorry can't help there:) Delighted the IEP meeting is coming up, it will take a weight off your mind. Is it possible that having the IEP and some defined goals will help him focus more on school and homework? Jen xx