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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Horseback Riding Therapy for Griffin

Yesterday was Griffin's second horseback riding therapy session. Here is a picture of the first lesson when he rides, Pumpkin. As you can see by the big smile on his face that he just loved it. I should have brought my camera yesterday because they let him ride backwards and sideways on the horse and even trot for a few minutes.....boy, did he ever love that!

My first riding session will be on Friday and I can't wait. We are only going to groom on the first session but that's okay, it will be therapeutic either way. Not much else to report because the IEP isn't until the 26th so I will update on that after it happens. Maybe Friday I will post after my first session. Got to head out to my therapist's office right now....where would I be if not for my therapist?

My Fibromyalgia is flaring up and my doctor deity gave me Nuvigil to take to give me energy and it lasts 15 hours! I still had to take a nap this morning but I feel good right now so I guess that it is working.

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