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Sunday, March 07, 2010

I Finally Have Someone's Attention.....Getting an I.E.P.

I was talking to my apartment manager who also has an autistic son but in another school (high school) and she got upset when she heard me tell her that Griffin's IEP had expired and that they had not granted me another one yet. So she made some phone calls then gave me a number to call. The person who I called was someone very important in the district either the superintendent or someone higher up because I truly got her attention when I told her what was going on.

I told her that I had been requesting an IEP since the beginning of school in August and that the school was dragging their feet and that I had not been taken seriously and just been blown off the entire time, that Griffin has been tested for months and observed over and over with no results. So she said that she would call the school to find out what was going on.

By this time it was already after 5:00 p.m. but she took me seriously and was going to get results for me. She called back and said that she got in touch with a man forgot his position but someone from the district, who was familiar with Griffin. This man said that Griffin had been receiving services special ed and speech that THEY had decided to keep him in. I chimed in very quickly to let her know that I had been left out of the loop the entire time that he had been in school and that I was NOT part of the team and that that was NOT acceptable to me and that I was entitled to an IEP a long time ago. She did the math and figured out that legally they were supposed to have had the IEP by January 26th. So legally they are way out of line and could be in big trouble if I chose to go that route.

She, having realized this mistake, quickly told me that she promised me that there would be a meeting this coming week no matter what. That she would be in touch with me on Monday and let me know when it would be. The only problem with that is that it is such a short notice for the advocate at the Autism Society I hope that she is able to come to the meeting with me. I am going to be so prepared with notes in hand and I am going to take the tape recorder and record the entire meeting. If they do not offer an apology I am going to diplomatically demand one. That is the least that they can do. I want an explanation why there has been no communication with me as to how Griffin has been doing in his class and why he has been regressing since our move to North Carolina......something is going on and nobody has let me know what is up.

His speech teacher told me that he has a self-esteem problem and not a speech problem and that pisses me off and so untrue. Griffin is a happy-go-lucky guy and obviously has a speech problem which his private speech teacher has acknowledged. He never used to have the problem nor with his handwriting but he has regressed since July and I just wish that I knew why. I just hope that he is not being bullied like his psychologist suggested might be happening because how am I to know especially if his teacher is not paying any attention to him? I asked her to show this tape that I have that is a program on bullying but she refused to and I am trying so hard and she just is not cooperating. What else should I do?????? 


Jen said...

I am delighted that someone is listening to you and I hope the meeting comes through and is successful. Let us know how it goes. Jen xx

Clive said...

Hope you get that meeting and things are sorted out for Griffin sooner rather than later.

take care