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Sunday, March 28, 2010

World Autism Awareness Day is coming up and I wanted to get a head start on letting people know and not waiting until it is already here to make an announcement. Now is the time to make arrangements to celebrate on April 2nd 2010 by wearing BLUE. It is time to share stories on your blogs, on facebook, on twitter, or wherever. It is time to tell people that you know about autism if you haven't already, to make them aware of signs and symptoms and behaviors of autism spectrum that are so vast that they may not even realize. It is time to be prepared for April 2nd. It is just around the corner.

Go to your local Autism Society and see if they have those handy little business cards that explain autism and why a child is having a meltdown and what is going on that they may be observing in a grocery store or something. Maybe it is a good time to look up resources that you have been meaning to research through the Autism Society or some local organization/group. Network with other parents to help out newly diagnosed parents who might be struggling and feel overwhelmed. Reach out to someone who is a single parent with an autistic child, I know firsthand that she is in need of support!

There is always something that can be done to help others in some small way and even if you are just on facebook and you have friends with autistic children just drop by and give them some support, just let them know that you care. Sometimes that is enough to give them a huge relief to know that someone really cares about them. Let's all stick together....We can all get through it together.....Support is all we need!!!!

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Jen said...

I have all out clothes planned for the day. The entire family will be wearing blue from head to toe :) Jen.