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Monday, March 08, 2010

NO I.E.P., New Diet is Working Great, and Some Really Good News

I spoke with the same woman who told me that I would have an IEP this week and she re-negged on me and said that they would not finished observing and testing Griffin until the end of the month. She said that there was some question as to whether Griffin needed services or not and there was some who contested that he did need services and that is why it was taking so long. And I asked why I had no say or part in the whole matter and she said that I would get my chance to do so at the IEP. I don't think that that is satisfactory for me and I am going to call the Autism Society and see what they have to say about that.

The woman told me that they are still using the ( expired/outdated 1st grade ) IEP from South Carolina where we moved from in July and he hasn't attended school in a year. Their deadline was Jan. 26th for the IEP and I don't see how they can get around that. I just feel like I am being jacked around here, does anyone else get the feeling that that is happening to me? I swear if I didn't have school myself I would just keep Griffin out of school until I was granted an IEP and tell them to deal with it without him around but that would be doing Griffin a great disservice, it would not be fair to him to keep him out of school.

We went to see his psychologist today and we both agreed that Griffin, now that he has been off of the refined sugar and on the low-glycemic diet, is so subdued that it is time to decrease his Abilify. Griffin is so mellow now it is amazing but most of the time he is too mellow. I swear I thought that I would never be saying that! Even when Griffin went into my doctor's office he said that Griffin was far more calm than usual. Sure I let him cheat here and there but it doesn't make a huge difference that is not unless it is candy and in that case I can see immediate results! But McDonald's now and then is okay and potato chips sometimes is okay....I am not going to expect him to give up all the stuff in life that he loves so much. I haven't decided yet if I am going to tell his doctor yet or not. I don't care if she cares or not frankly, because it is working regardless. I am giving him 1/2 a packet of "good yeast" to replace the bad yeast that may be present in his tummy but I don't think that Griffin has yeast because if he did then he would have had a fit when I took away all his candy and refined sugar because his body would have craved it. He hasn't even asked me for ketchup.

I bought him sweet potato fries at home and he loves do I and they are so good for us too. I found some ice cream that is sweetened with Maltitol instead of sugar and diabetic cookies sweetened with it too. He has had no complaints and I am so happy. He has also been eating fresh fruit when I can find it inexpensive like bananas or apples or grapes.

My computer crashed and I have to take it in tomorrow. Don't know what happened but it won't boot from the hard drive. It only wants to boot from cd. I dread finding out what has happened and how much it costs. It has all my e-mail addresses and ALL my school work on it! I feel impending DOOM!!!!

I do have a bit of good news though......I made a 95 on my first Psychology101 exam!!! I am so happy and I love the class, lots of work though. It is keeping me so busy. I hardly have time for facebook anymore and definitely not for TV (cable) that I just got for Griffin. Wish that I had time to watch a movie or a show now and then but I have so much reading to do! Speaking of.....Got to go do that right now.

Hey, if I had your e-mail address before please send it to me privately (on facebook) so that I can have it  again....Thanks!!


Melissa H said...

Such fantastic news! (except for the IEP mess and your computer, of course!) I would definitely see what the advocate has to say. To be honest, it sounds like they dropped the ball and are now trying to scramble. They can't come to the table for an IEP because they haven't done their job beforehand! At the least, I would get IN WRITING from this woman exactly what she told you on the phone: the observing/testing is in process and is expected to be complete by the end of March. I would then nail down a timeframe for the meeting (within two weeks of testing completion, for example).

So frustrating. But, I'm glad to hear that there are so many positives going on, too!

Jen said...

Ahh, I was wondering why I hadn't seen much of you on FB. Delighted to hear the diet is going so well. I hope your computer is ok and it is not too expensive to fix, fingers crossed for you:) Jen.

coolkid said...

ahh thats where you have been, griffins diet seems to be working so well, great that the new thyroid meds are working well. that IEP nonsence is dreadful, hope something gets sorted with it xxx

Clive said...

Great to hear that the new diet is going well. Hope the computer gets sorted for you!

take care