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Friday, March 12, 2010

A Special Photo for Our Irish Friends

This photo is for all my (over 200) Irish friends on Facebook who are so kind and wonderful whom I love dearly. This is one of Griffin's favorite shirts so I had him model it for the camera and for all of our friends. And Abby had to be in the photo too of course.

Still waiting for the IEP by the end of the month, will keep you updated. Griffin is still doing great. I got some great news yesterday.....Griffin and I both got full scholarships for horseback riding therapy! He will go once a week on an afternoon and I will go on Friday morning! It is called Free Rein and they are just super fanstatic people there. I am so excited! Griffin started horseback riding therapy last year but we couldn't afford the gas plus it wasn't a full scholarship so he had to stop but he missed it when he couldn't go. So now he is excited again.

I want to sign him up for special needs baseball but don't think that I will have enough money to do so because I had to replace the window switch on my Volvo and it was $300.00! Then my computer crashed, the one that had all my school work on it and it ended up being $75.00! So financially this month I am not doing too good. Good thing we have enough food, hope we have enough $ for gas to get to all of our medical and therapy appointments the rest of this month. We have so many each week between the two of us.

I feel bad though because I owe so many of my friends money and I was not able to pay them back this month after the car and the computer fiasco. I sure hope that they understand because I know that they were depending on me paying them money this month. I hate it when I can't pay back money that I owe especially when it is to my friends. They were there to help me out when I needed them and now I can't come through for them, not that I can help it but still....

We had a thunderstorm today! It is so nice to have one instead of snow! I just love that spring is just around the corner!!!


Jean said...

brill news about the horse riding...and hey, the boy wears the shirt well!!! xxx

Petunia said...

Thats great about the horseriding! Hope you both enjoy it :) Fingers crossed next month is a better one for you financially missus xxx

coolkid said...

wow doent he wear that shirt well lol

your friends will understand, you cannot help it, its not as if you can click your fingers and change your circumstances xx

enjoy the horse riding, i cannot wait to hear all about it

Jen said...

The shirt looks great, and very appropriate with St Patricks Day coming up next week:D Looking forward to hearing about the horseriding:) Jen.

Clive said...

Looking good for St Patrick's Day!

Enjoy the horse-riding!

take care

jazzygal said...

Cool is sooo Griffin's colour;)!!!

Great news on the horse riding! So calming. Hope you get that IEP soon.

Had a quick catchup on your blog.I'm having big internet connection problems so I don't get to check them all!

Congrats on your exam results! You are fantastic for fitting everything in. Glad you feel the diet is working for Griffin. I guess by re-introducing foods you get to see which ones really effect him???

Thanks again for the Irish picture! xx Jazzy