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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Griffin Had a Great Time at Camp!

This is the parrot that Griffin put together at camp when the counselor and he were playing pirates on the playground and Griffin commented that they needed a parrot. So the counselor said that they should just find the stuff to make one there and put it together in arts and crafts immediately after the playground. So this is what Griffin made and I think that he did a darn good job!

Griffin had such a great time at camp that when I first saw him right before the talent show the counselor asked Griffin what had said earlier about when he had wanted to go home and Griffin replied, "Saturday" (it was Friday). But then he kept giving me tons of hugs and kisses and showed me that he had missed me and was so very glad to see me, he wouldn't let me go he was so affectionate and I wouldn't let him go either!

Then it was time for the talent show which I didn't get a still photo of because I got a video of it but I did get a photo of the award that he got from his counselor for being the wildlife expert:
In the talent show he did bird sounds and the audience loved him. He did it all by himself and wasn't even bothered by being on the stage performing with just himself and the counselor. She named the birds and he made the sounds and acted out the penguin which got a good laugh from the crowd. Griffin got the wildlife expert award because he is indeed an expert on wildlife, if you need to know about animals he is your guy!

To get Griffin to talk about camp is another issue because he just won't do it, it is like pulling teeth. He will only tell you that his favorite parts were the pool and lunch. I do know that he liked the other parts from what the counselor wrote in her notes such as hiking and watching the birds. His latest love is for birds lately and when I can afford it I am going to buy him a book of birds from this area so that we can identify them and maybe one day we will learn their bird songs too.

I am just happy to have him home and joy once again fills my heart and I can't thank my friends from Facebook enough and my family for getting me through the week and my dear friend who came to visit....made all the difference in the world to me! It was almost the week from hell and there were moments that were hard when nobody was around that were nearly impossible to get through where my heart was breaking but I made it through. Next year, hopefully, won't be quite so hard but I will be sure to be busy with something and with someone the entire time to be certain that it is not so impossible to get through.

My sister just wished me a Happy Father's Day because, she said, that when you are a single parent you get to celebrate both since you have to be both father and mother. Well, cool, I said, never thought of it that way before!


Casdok said...

Happy Father's day!
Sounds like Griffin had a fab time :)

Adoption of Jane said...

I am so glad Griffin had a great time!!!! Did you get to do a little something for yourself during your break! Heck yeah we deserve a Happy Fathers Day!

Melissa H said...

I LOVE his parrot!! Sounds like he had a great time, even if he won't tell you about it! LOL!

So glad that he was able to experience this, and I'm glad that you got the break (even if it did seem too long!)

Looking for Blue Sky said...

It's always hard when your child starts spreading their wings and spending time away from you. It's a credit to you and the hard work you've done with him that he enjoyed it so much - shows what a fab Mum you are. And next year you will know what you have to do to make sure that you have an enjoyable break too x

jazzygal said...

That is fabulous news Lora! So glad Griffin enjoyed it and it seems really good for his self esteem. What a really cool parrot!

I agree with your sister...happy Fathers day ;-) xx Jazzy