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Monday, June 07, 2010

We Got to See the Camp Yesterday

Sunday, yesterday, we went to see the autism camp even though it is not open yet. The director let us come to visit because she said that there was no social story in place for it so a visit was in order. It wasn't very far away so it worked out just great!

Griffin seems to be excited about it now because he got to see the swimming pool, the gardens, the bunk beds where he said he wanted to sleep on top, the arts & crafts room, the sensory room, the music room, and he got to say hi to all the counselors who were meeting there....they all had great big smiles!

I feel so much better now that we went to visit and I am so excited for him as I am sure that he will have a great time but I am still sure that I will not be able to hold back the tears as I will miss him so very much!!!

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Jen said...

It sounds fabulous, delighted that Griffin liked it. I hope he does get to sleep on the top bunk:) Jen.