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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Griffin's First Day at Camp!

Well, it went off without a hitch! Griffin walked away and mommy didn't cry her eyes out because I was just so very happy for him. Here you see him with his counselor and his new buddy who he will be with the whole time. The ratio is 2:1....isn't that wonderful? Griffin is holding up two little frogs that his new buddy gave to him and he thought that that was just the coolest thing!

As soon as we got there though we had gone to his bunkhouse to drop off his things and Griffin chose the top bunk as he has never even slept in a bunk bed before so he was pretty excited. The we met his new buddy and then they walked away to go to eat. I had gotten the chance to ask his counselor a few questions and it made me feel much more comfortable that she was in college as a recreational therapist and that is how she had gotten to the camp. She was a very jovial person and right away won over Griffin because as they were walking they were holding hands and that brought a tear of joy to my eye!

If the truth be known....I didn't go alone to the camp with Griffin. I had asked my cousin to go with us, Griffin's favorite Uncle Charlie. I knew that if he went then it would not only be a buffer for me but it would help Griffin too. In that it would help him to understand that camp is going to be fun and a great place for him to be until Friday when I come to pick him up. And I was did work out better for Charlie to be there for both of us. I didn't cry because Charlie was there for moral support and Griffin didn't get upset because Charlie said that camp was "Cool". And besides there was so many new things for Griffin to explore that I just don't think that he had much time to really think about getting upset. Before I left I found out that he had S'mores and I got to see him at the swimming pool too. They go swimming 3 times a day!
Rewind to this morning......for a treat since Griffin won an award as the "Best on the Bus" for safety and got a free dessert card, I thought that I would take him out on his first day of camp. So for breakfast he got to have a hot fudge cake! He thought that that was a pretty cool thing to do for breakfast since that has never happened before. And I doubt that it will happen again for a long time but what the only go to camp for the first time only ONCE!!!!

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Taz said...

I'm so glad it all went so well for you and Griffin! He'll have an absolute ball, and you really should take the opportunity for some "me time" xx