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Friday, June 04, 2010

I Have Learned an Important Lesson

For reasons I do not wish to go into, I have learned not to put my personal information on this blog...or any blog for that matter. From now on this blog will only contain information about Griffin and the rest will have to be only shared with my Facebook friends who do not judge me and persecute me for being human, for being Bipolar and for having PTSD. This person has NO idea what it is like to raise a child as a single parent nor does she know what it is like to have a child with autism. Yet I am judged over one isolated incident. Enough said!

Griffin's psychologist looked at his test scores from when the school tested him and was amazed. He couldn't believe that his IQ was so high and that his reading, spelling, and writing scores were so high. So there....he is not so MR'able anymore is he? Now I can rest assured that he is well aware that Griffin is far more intelligent than he previously thought. I don't feel so confused anymore about whether Griffin is low or high functioning...I shouldn't have listened to him in the first place because he has had limited contact with Griffin and Griffin has never been tested by him. Mostly Griffin just does the neuro-feedback while he is there and has no chance of proving himself while there. His test scores show that he is on the verge of being Asperger's but I don't understand how because of his communication delay. I only know this now because the doctor explained all the scores to me when in the IEP nobody explained them.

Still, Griffin's living skills are very limited and even though I get him to do things on his own he has a lot of practice to be able to master them. Such skills as cutting a piece of food (like a hot dog), brushing his teeth, tying his shoes, and motor planning. He has been working on his gross and fine motor skills at Occupational Therapy with some recent success. In Speech Therapy he is doing quite well as long as he can sit still and focus. 

Soon he will be going to autism camp and even though I have talked to him about it, he just doesn't seem to understand the concept. Every time that I try to talk to him about it he gets upset and tells me to stop. He doesn't want to talk about it so I don't know what to do because I don't want him to feel abandoned when I leave him there. I will be staying for part of the day on the 13th and talking with the counselor who will be with him-the ratio is 1:2 and explaining to Griffin how it will work. I sure hope that he doesn't get upset because it will break my heart to leave him like that. It will be hard enough as it is.


Jen said...

great to hear that that Dr has a more realistic opinion of Griffin now, and that Griffin is doing well in OT and SLT:) Jen.

Melissa H said...

Try making a social story. This link might help:

It will require some arts & crafts, but you could print & cut out pics of the place, a pic of Griffin & a sleeping bag, things he'll do, etc.

As for those living skills? Conor cannot use a knife, we got him an electric toothbrush to help with the fine motors, and tying his shoes? PLEASE! He wears slip-ons! These things are not major living skills at 8, honey. He can get dressed, feed himself, use the toilet, ask for a basic need. He's only 8. He'll get there. <3

Jean said...

it's brill to hear that Griffin is thriving...hope summer camp is a blast xxx

jazzygal said...

Yes...he will get there. With you right behind him as his mom! All the hard is starting to pay off well done to you and Griffin.

I do hope the Camp works out for him. Sometimes our kids get upset 'cos we're giving them too much info to process at one time. I notice that with WiiBoy too. I think Melissa's right...Social Story. Lots of pictures accompanied with one liners. Keep it simple.

Oh, and a calender marking off the days til he goes, showing the days he's there and, most importantly, showing the date he comes home! Sometimes they don't realise they're going to come home, especially if we don't specify it! A picture on the calender for each important day should help too.

I hope this is helpful!! Good luck!xx jazzy