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Friday, June 25, 2010

I AM Truly Blessed

Griffin and I have been going to the lake lately to feed the geese and ducks, he gets so much joy out of it and it is such a simple and FREE thing to do. It is nice to be in the shade with the breeze out of the heat just relaxing watching him have fun.

I wanted to write about how blessed I am and to make note of all the things that maybe some parents might think would be a hardship and not a blessing in disguise but these are a few that come to mind when I think of Griffin each and every moment of his precious life:

When we are on the playground I don't have to worry about having playmates for Griffin because he loves playing all alone gleefully. And when there are other kids around he will talk to them and they will talk back but he doesn't care what they say really but that's okay because he has fun regardless. It's a blessing because he is not shy by any means but simply carefree and happy no matter what. He says that he has friends at school and he waves to them when we see them out in public so perhaps he is going to become more social one day and if he doesn't that's okay too!

I don't have to worry about having to cook a 5 course meal for him every night. Griffin is a picky eater mostly due to tactile reasons, he is offended by certain textures and his gag reflex is super super sensitive. So he only eats about 10 different foods. And it is a blessing because not only do I not have to cook elaborate meals but grocery shopping is quite simple as well. Maybe one day he will stretch his wings and try new foods....I can only hope and keep trying but for now I choose to see the positive side of things.

Griffin may not be able to focus in school but he can certainly focus at home when on the computer and for extended periods of time. He is extremely good at working on the computer and I do call it working because he isn't playing games at all. He searches for images and vintage videos of commercials and old Sesame Street shows etc... He can navigate the Internet far better than I can and find exactly what he is looking for every single time! And the concentration that he has is incredible especially compared to what he has in school....of course. This is a blessing because at least there is some hope that if we can harness that energy and find rewards for him in school to keep him focused like he can do at home then maybe he can thrive at school finally and make some significant progress that he has not made in so many years.

Another blessing that is an obvious one that is not in disguise is that Griffin is an incredible artist and is doodling all the time. I look forward to the future and all the progress that he will make in that area. There is an animation class that I hope to take him to in July that I think that he will love since he loves doing cartooning, it would be great if he could make them actually move! I have all his artwork put away and it is all mixed in with a bunch of other paperwork right now or else I would include a photo of some of it but I am too lazy to muddle through all of it at the moment.

I am blessed because Griffin is perfect just the way he is because that is the way he was created and the way that he was meant to be. He is not flawless, that is not what I mean by "perfect" but perfect in the sense that he is the way he is....autism and all and that is perfect!


Deb said...

"PERFECT" blog Lora! Recognizing that we are blessed even in the face of multiple medical issues is a gift from God. Hugs

Jen said...

Lovely post, really made me smile :) I got a giggle out of the computer thing too, my fella LOVES the computer and is also really really good at it. Jen

Melissa H said...

I absolutely LOVE this post. I always try to see the blessing in all things, and this is a perfect example. Griffin is perfectly made. So are you!

Noelle said...

I have a son with the same name, and he also has autism. He is 12 and is mildly autistic, so you can barely tell he has it. His name is Gryffen, and he's a sweet kid, just like your Griffin!