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Thursday, October 18, 2012

10 Tips For Parents of Kids Who Are Being Bullied

These are some very helpful tips for parents of kids of most any age who have been bullied. It encourages parents to build their child's self esteem to not retaliate when bullied but to find hobbies instead in order to be distracted from the negativity of the situation. It is important to encourage your child to be redirected from the bullying, learning to block it out such as when it is cyberbullying. Read on and find out more about how to better cope with bullying yourself and helping your child cope with it as well. I find this to be a very good article especially because it takes such a positive approach to the situation.

Disclaimer:  I do not endorse the advertiser as I am not personally familiar with them but I have agreed to publish their article.

1 comment:

dluvscoke said...

Thanks for the link. We have to deal with bullying, even on a kindergarten level. Sad.

By the way, your blog looks nice. I like the changes. ;)