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Monday, December 27, 2010

Cabin Fever

After being snowed in since Christmas Griffin surely has a case of cabin fever as he has had several meltdowns today. He wanted to go to the store, probably just to get out of here for awhile, to get cookie dough even though we have homemade cookies here that the neighbor gave us. When I tried to explain to him that the roads are too icy for the car to go on he didn't understand and just kept telling me to go warm up the car.

I had been limiting his time on the computer which of course forced him to do other more constructive things like playing with his Legos or drawing, but I decided to let him spend more time on it since he was so out-of-sorts. We went outside to walk Abby but he didn't want to play in the snow of make a snowman so we weren't out that long. And it wasn't because we were cold  because we know how to bundle up since having lived in Alaska for so long in fact, we were on the verge of being hot out there in 20 degree temps. which is a heat wave in the winter in Alaska.


dotcomkari said...

I think it is hard on the kids to be stuck inside so much.

We are not snowed in here where we live, but with Christmas break from school the kids have all had cabin fever. Kai hates it, and would rather be out and about as much as he could. there have been quite a few melt downs and some unhappy kids. I have been trying to think of crafts , games and activites to keep them all busy, but with three kids it is hard to get everyone invovled and happy

Heather said...

Lora, are you all still snowed in? Hope you are surviving in all that cold snow! Have a Happy New Year!!!

jazzygal said...

ooh..not easy being stuck inside with a child for days! I hope you've been able to make that trip to the store by now?

Happy New Year to you Lora and Griffin :-)

xx Jazzy