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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Gingerbread House

I helped Griffin make this lovely gingerbread house, he did most of it by himself though, isn't it great?

Finding words has been very difficult for me since taking a drug, Topomax, for weight loss. It worked like a charm in helping me lose weight but not without a price. The drug is really an anti-seizure medication with the side effect of weight loss but my doctor said that it was safe to take to lose weight. So I had been taking it for 5 months losing nearly 50 lbs. but my memory has suffered and I struggle to find the words to write when commenting on other blogs and to write in this blog. The real problem is when trying to do my school work especially when writing papers or having to do a lot of description. I used to have an extensive vocabulary but it is gone! Now that I have stopped taking the drug I hope that there will be an improvement so far there hasn't been but I haven't been off of it for that long.


dluvscoke said...

That IS a very cute Gingerbread house!

Looking for Blue Sky said...

Well done Griffin, you did a great job with that house x

MommyToTwoBoys said...

That is lovely! So creative! I am happy to hear of your weight loss but it sounds as if it is coming as a price. I am glad to hear you are off it. Keep us posted on if your memory and vocab come back and if you are able to keep the weight off without the medication.