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Friday, December 10, 2010

A Look of Surprise

Heather from the Scenic Route posted about the Portable North Pole where you can fill in all the information and a video is generated from Santa himself that is custom made for your child. This is the look on Griffin's face while watching it. Santa told Griffin that he needed to stop throwing those silly temper tantrums and he stated that Griffin had asked for a certain figurine (Toy Story toys).

Griffin said afterwards that Santa didn't show Rudolph (but he did show a different reindeer). When I asked him if he believes in Santa now he said "Yes". He is watching a special on TV about Santa Claus which is unusual I think that he has a new interest in him.

Griffin went to Speech today and I sat in on the session as usual and this time he didn't want to go but I had talked him into it which I regret now. He ended up hitting and kicking the Speech Path. not in a tantrum but just lashing out at her when he was frustrated. She talked to me about it afterwards and said that from her experience with kids like that they usually do this in cycles and that if you try to stop it then it comes out in other ways. She told me that he didn't want to be this way, that he was obviously uncomfortable with himself so I needed to find ways to get him to calm himself. I told her that he is pretty calm at home although he has been hitting and kicking me when he gets angry or frustrated. I've got to discuss it with his psychologist and see what we can come up with for a good solution to this problem.

Have any of you had this problem? If so, what did you do?


dluvscoke said...

Cody still believes in Santa Claus too...and he is 29! He has also been know to kick people (mainly other clients at his Day Program) when they get too close to him. I think it's a defense mechanism because he can't see them, but senses they're in his space.

Jean said...

Finian lashes out too when he's frustrated, as he has very little speech and just can't express himself in any other way.
When he's angry I try to name the emotion to help him identify what it is, but I also make it clear that I will not tolerate physical violence. I hold his hands by his side and say "no hitting!"
I hope your psychologist ha some good ideas!

jazzygal said...

Aww..Santa can be so hard for Autistic children. Jean says "name the emotion". And then in time you can say "No...No hitting...use your words.... do you feel angry?" Then you can say "it's okay to feel angry but it's not ok to hit".
You will also need (eventually) to give him an alternative to hitting/lashing out.

Two progammes that are very helpful are "How your Engine Runs"and The Incredible Five Point scale (enter one of them in search bar of my blog) The former is more suitable to the younger or less verbal child.

WiiBoy has squeezy balls or flour filled balloons to squeeze when he's frustrated/angry.

Good luck!

xx jazzy

Lora said...

@Jean & Jazzygal: Thank you so much for your help!