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Friday, December 31, 2010


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Happy New Year to you and yours from Griffin, Abby, Dot, and me!

Since I don't have a social life and nobody to do respite for me I will let Griffin stay up with me and we will watch Sesame St. New Year's Eve together like we always do. What the heck it is only one night a year and we get to sleep in in the morning....YEAH!

One of the most significant events that happened in 2010 was the week that Griffin left me for the first time to go to camp in June. I was a wreck! I never thought that my heart could ache so badly but I made it through and I am glad that he went because he loved it. He was homesick in the beginning but he made it through too. I learned a lesson from that, to pay more attention to what I want and need and not rely on Griffin to fill up the spaces in my life. Even though a friend visited me while he was a camp I didn't fully enjoy the time like I should have and the days that my friend wasn't here I was lost! If he goes again next summer then believe me, I am going to enjoy myself completely!

I hope that all of you have a wonderful new year, that it is filled with joy and that you are always surrounded by those you love. May you find peace and happiness not to mention winning the lottery too! Thank you for visiting my blog and for sharing your comments with me, it means a lot to me that we have stuff in common and that you care enough to take the time to share. I have enjoyed getting to know you, my fellow bloggers, some of you I have known awhile and some of you I just met but that friendship is meaningful nonetheless.

Big hugs to all of you from the two of us!


Clive said...

Wishing you both a very Happy New Year - hope 2011 is good to you both.

Fiona and all the gang here in Dublin!

dluvscoke said...

Do you have a Wii? My husband and I had a great time with our Mii friends (the only friends we seem to have). Even Cody wouldn't stay up and party with us. He begged to go to bed at 10:30.

Happy New Year to you and Griffin!

Lora said...
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Lora said...

Fiona, Happy New Year to all of you, may your year be full of joy and may you always be surrounded by those you love.

dluvscoke- Griffin tried the Wii at my sister's house at Thanksgiving and got too frustrated with it. So I think that maybe later this year we will try again to see if he likes it. If it wasn't so expensive I would just go ahead and get one for me and then just get him used to it.

ScottCrawley said...

I'm happy you are doing this for others and I really hope it helps. But again, I feel left out. I'm a single autistic dad raising my two autistic kids by myself for the past 5 years. My daughter is also a diabetic(insulin dependent) Not trying to bring you down just feeling alone, again....there's so much help for women, mother's, girls, nobody talks about the men too much, I guess because most aren't like me

Lora said...

@Scott- I have a facebook page for single dads raising autistic children so I have tried to reach out to single dads too but no response.

I feel for you and I am sorry that you feel left out, I am here for you for support if you would like that. I understand how you feel because when I lived in Alaska I was all alone too with an autistic child.

Please feel free to reach out to me and allow me to help you in any way that I can.

Chris P-M said...

Lora, I look forward to the day when my son can attend camp! I am always thankful for the blogosphere to connect with others who understand what we're going through :)

Jane Grey said...

Enjoy your sleeping in! I have a baby that despite the fact that he looks like he is 7yrs old, is really only 11 months. He is not a fabulous sleeper yet so sleeping in is better than gold in this house! Hope you had a wonderful new year! May 2011 bring you happiness and healthfulness.

ScottCrawley said...

ok, read the comment...LOL, it's funny, you see things and comment on them on facebook and don't really think about the connection back to a blog comment section, might miss replies lol, I did think about that with my own blog and sharing it on facebook, checking both places for comments....but I forgot to think about that with others blogs :D Thanks♥