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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Griffin likes his new toys but got upset when he opened his Buzz Lightyear saying that I was supposed to get it at the store and not as a gift at Christmas. But he soon started playing with it and forgot about being upset. He was none too thrilled with the clothes that his secret Santa gave to him but he sure needs them.

We have snow today which is great for Griffin but not for me because I wanted to go to IHOP to eat a Christmas dinner (can't drive in the snow because of the hill at our complex, they don't treat the road or scrape it) since I am not cooking. I don't cook because it would only be for me since Griffin wouldn't eat any of it...what's the use? I am trying to lose more weight so it is just as well I suppose. I am not complaining since there are hungry and cold people without a home that is safe and warm. They don't have anything to eat or loved ones to share smiles with today. So I am grateful for all that I have, my home, the heat to warm my home, an abundance of food, and last but not least of all...Griffin my dear sweet child!
Isn't it true that young kids like the boxes as much as they do the gifts? At least it is for Griffin because he likes to use his imagination and hold "Dot" whenever he can, she is so tolerant of him because she doesn't like to be held.

Griffin wanted to make a YouTube video about his new toys that he got for Christmas so here it is: Big Woody & Buzz and little Woody & Buzz. I hope that you watch and enjoy his fine presentation!


Clive said...

Wishing you both a very Merry Christmas!

best wishes
Fiona and family

Jean said...

Griffin looks so happy! Happy Christmas! XXX

jazzygal said...

Thank you Griffin for sharing your toys with us! IT WAS LOVELY TO SEE YOU DO A YOUtube video! My son, WiiBoy likes to make youtube videos about his xbox games.

I love your sentiments in this post Lora and I do hope you are enjoying your Christmas.

merry Christmas.

xx Jazzy

Heather said...

I enjoyed the video of Griffin sharing his toys!

You have such a wonderful and positive outlook on things. I hope you and Griffin enjoyed your Christmas!

The Autism Princess said...

What a great video! He sure knows what he's talking about! Love it!

Tammy said...

My son wasn't too thrilled with his clothes, either, but he needed them. He did love his Shania Twain CD's.

dotcomkari said...

I hope you had a Merry Christmas!
The Video of Griffin and his toys is too adorable! :) I enjoyed watching it! Griffin looks so happy with his new Buzz! :P

Chris P-M said...

Loved the video of Griffin...he's such a cute kiddo! Our son is close with our cats also, and it is so cute to see (it is like they have this cosmic connection or something!)