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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Being Productive and a Lot Nicer

Will school ever begin again? Will the snow ever stop? It's a good thing that I have been keeping myself busy and getting a lot done around the apartment otherwise I would go bonkers. But I have had plenty of practice at staving off cabin fever when I lived in Alaska. Fortunately Griffin enjoys the snow more now than he did when we lived there and he doesn't mind getting dressed in all his layers like we also had to do there but he did not like it then. I put him in a pair of sweats and snow pants, a jacket liner, and a coat. He wears two pair of knitted gloves because he refuses to wear the waterproof kind and he wears snow boots of course. I kept my pair of $250.00 snow boots from Alaska and am I ever so glad that I did because they keep my feet toasty.

I got some much needed painting done, I was tired of the eggshell finish that we had because it showed every little mark and fingerprint and I couldn't get them off because the paint would come off. So I got some semi-gloss and it looks exceptionally well, it's as though we had just moved in. The apartment manager told me that they wouldn't paint my apt. until I had lived here for 3 years and that they wouldn't give me any paint either so I took it upon myself to do it on my own because I felt like I was living in a begrimed rundown abode, the place just never looked clean.

Griffin and I are getting along wonderfully even though we have been together 24/7 just like in the summertime but back in the summer things weren't so peachy and mommy found herself getting irritated much easier. I have grown since then and appreciate my time alone with Griffin and we play more now too. I had made a promise to Griffin that I was going to be nicer and not so grumpy all the time. Now I find myself smiling a lot more and not taking my time with Griffin for granted, because the time does fly and he will be a teenager before I know it and then he might not be so keen on playing games with mommy.


jazzygal said...

Good to hear you're staving off cabin fever and that you and Griffin are having such a good time together. I sometimes say the same things too myself and I need to make more time for my WiiBoy...every time I do make time for him it makes such a difference!

xx Jazzy

Mom of The Autism Princess said...

I often wonder what the heck I am so busy doing around the house that keeps me from playing on the floor with my kids. Usually Its nothing! So I have made an effort to stop every hour and join in what the kids are doing. I feel better when i have been more of a part of their day. I'm glad you are enjoying your time together because you are right, it won't last forever!