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Friday, January 07, 2011

No EEG Today

Griffin and I went outside to take Abby for a walk and Griffin played on the playground with his "characters" as he calls them. We didn't go for the EEG that was scheduled for this morning because I couldn't get him to go to sleep without his Clonidine last night. I knew that if he didn't get any sleep then they couldn't do the test because he would have been asleep. In order to conduct the test for absence seizures he has to be awake. He was supposed to get 6 hours of sleep but come 12:00  he wasn't going to sleep then by 2:00 a.m. I decided that I was going to give up and go ahead and give him the medicine so that we both could get some sleep. So by 3:00 he was finally asleep. I got to sleep around 4:00 a.m. after reading for awhile in order to relax before hitting the hay.

I didn't require Griffin to go to school because for 1. he didn't wake up until 10:00 after getting to sleep so late and 2. I had already told him that he wasn't going to school today and I wasn't going to go back on my word. School was on a 2 hour delay today due to bad weather in part of the county and was released early for the same reason so it wasn't as though he really missed much.

 I guess that I will reschedule the EEG and try again to see if I can get him to sleep next time. It's just that he has chronic insomnia and that's why he takes the Clonidine and so going to sleep without it is nearly impossible but he has done it on one occasion so I was thinking that we could do it again but Noooo!
This is Griffin neighbor and good friend Isaiha (I think that is how he spells his name) who was talking to Griffin outside about his characters, he is 9 years old and is so understanding of Griffin and how Griffin is so different and doesn't play age appropriate games/activities.


Casdok said...

Good luck for next time!

dluvscoke said...

I sympathize with you. I dread EEG's.

Griffin's friend looks very sweet. Some kids are just born with compassionate, non-judgemental hearts.

Chris P-M said...

Ugh...we did the sleep-deprived EEG thing and it was a pain. It WAS really hard to keep Kai up, but somehow we were able to do it. I laid down with him for the EEG and he did sleep, much to my surprise! (No seizure activity was detected).

Good luck the next time you try. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!