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Thursday, January 20, 2011

What is Abnormal?

Do you think that a child with autism is abnormal? What is normal anyhow? It is a setting on the dryer that's what it is! There is no such thing as normal when it has to do with the human being regardless of what anyone has to say about it. I choose to use neuro-typical when referring to an individual who does not have autism.

I am not "normal" because I have bipolar disorder and PTSD and even if I didn't then I still wouldn't refer to myself as being so because I guess that you could say that I believe that we are all aberrant in some way or the other. I don't even think that it is a matter of being politically correct in using certain terms because there simply is not a normal human being! We all have our dysfunction and abnormalities and to think that you are "normal" is to say that you are perfect and without any my humble opinion.

I am not referring to anyone whose blog that I read, it just so happens that the word "aberrant" came up in the book that I am reading and it brought to mind what it means to be the opposite.  So, if you happen to use the word "normal" then I would just like for you to reconsider because to say that there are normal people that means that your child with autism is abnormal and to me that is insulting.


Heather said...

Brilliant. "normal is a setting on the dryer." I LOVE that! How true that there really isn't such a thing as normal. I really enjoy your blog :)

Casdok said...

We are all on the human spectrum!

Looking for Blue Sky said...

Ban 'normal' perhaps? We're all only a chromosome away from being 'different'.

dluvscoke said...

Well said!

dotcomkari said...

Well said! :) I truly believe their is no normal, just different..
and I often wish that society would see that too!

I myself am far from normal. I am hard of hearing myself, have a learning disability, depression.. and the list goes on.

And of course, my precious son is not considered "normal" by society because he happens to Autism amongest other special needs.

Makes me angry. I wish people sometimes would just open their eyes.