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Monday, January 24, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Chris over at A Crazy Kind of Faith bestowed upon me so kindly the Stylish Blogger Award...thank you Chris..and I am supposed to list seven facts about myself that most people do not know about me.

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1.I broke my arm when I was 9 months old climbing out of my crib and learned to walk with the cast on.
2.I studied at the Aveda Institute in Minneapolis and subsequently worked as an aesthetician in an Aveda Day Spa in Anchorage, Alaska
3.I used to show horses when I was in elementary school and have dreamed of having my own horse since I could speak and I still don't have one :(
4.I have kept a journal for 25 years now and a daily journal for about 5 years. I just don't trust my memory and there's so many things that have happened to me that I want to commit to paper for posterity because the time passes and before you know it the memories fade and it's gone.
5.I take online classes from American Public University and am majoring in Child and Family Development
6.I was born in western North Carolina but have lived all over the United States including: Alaska, South Carolina, New Jersey, Georgia, Washington, and I lived in Hawaii when my second husband had cancer.
7.I love to write in this blog but not about myself necessarily because the blog is supposed to be about Griffin and autism so I am reluctant about including information about myself because I just don't think that people are interested in stuff about me anyhow.
The more interesting things about me, in case you didn't see them, including my stint as an exotic dancer, work with the FBI, and my 5 marriages are in this list that I published a couple of weeks ago. I tried to copy and paste the list but the font came out way too small for some reason.


Casdok said...

Broke your arm at 9 months - impressed!

@jencull (jen) said...

Hey, you were one determined little girl to break your arm at that age and learn to walk with that to balance!! Jen

Jennifer C said...

I do not keep any kind of journal because every time I start one and then read back, I think I don't want someone to read that if I die and then I throw it out or burn it.

DeeAnn said...

Forgive me Lora, but I've bestowed upon you another award on my blog:)

Chris P-M said...

Lora, you are one interesting lady! From Alaska to Hawaii, wow :). I still envy your FBI stint....

I did correctional social work and love that stuff! Miss it...