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Monday, January 02, 2006

The Following Post

The following post is about Griffin's early intervention from age 15 months to age 3 with Sheila and the Programs for Infants and Children here in Anchorage. Griffin will be age 4 on January 31st so he has aged out of the program and is now in an autism classroom in the public school system. I have had requests for a post on Griffin's early education so I had asked Sheila to write some about how she worked with him and how he got to be where he is today.


Kristina Chew said...

Keep pushing for the ABA--while it is best to have trained therapists, there is a lot you can learn on your own (here is a site with many ABA resources). In particular, it is ABA that helped us to teach Charlie not to head-bang and to learn to his fullest potential. It can be expensive but you can learn a lot about it on your own and I have found this to be very empowering as an autism parent.

kyra said...

i know kristina and others are big ABA fans but i want to put in a word for RDI (relationship development intervention). it's possible to learn quite a bit on your own (through the most recently done DVD) and since it's a program mainly directed and implemented by the parent(s), it doesn't involve finding and paying for outside therapists. of course, a consultant is helpful but costs a lot and isn't necessary to get started. i am a HUGE fan of RDI as it is the only program out there that addresses the core deficits of autism from a developmental point of view rather than behavioral one and that approach makes the only sense there is. plus, many families i know have had to leave their ABA programs after a time since progress plateaued and was also seen as too prompt dependent, ie, their kids were not developing any true 'mindfullness'.

just one gals opinion as i know each child is different and all parents must rightfully go with their gut and heart.

sending you and griffin blessings and huge support for this to be a fantastic year!

Kiralea Powell said...

I have read all about early intevention and the importance of this exposure.
The sad fact is jordan was never exposed to this after waiting on a list for many years here in Australia. It has become known to us recently that there has been a intensive ABA school set up 4 minutes away from our home.

We have been informed that it will cost us $37,000 AU dollars per year if we want our son too attend.

It is a apparently a Government school but parents are expected to pay almost private school fees.

Yes i am angry! because children like ours who are autistic and have potential in life are being affected because at the end of the day the rich are able too send their kids too these ABA programs that the government apparently funds but doesnt want to know you unless you have the money.

Here in Australia we do not receive enough Government funding yet this is supposed to be a Government funded school! explain please explain!

People are Morgaging their houses to pay for their autistic childrens education yet the Australian Government turns a blind eye to it all!

mommyguilt said...

Oh's the same here with things like that also. The company I work for provides intensive learning therapy for children with disabilities, many of whom are on the spectrum (this is where I figured out MY SmallBoy was on the spectrum). They charge a ridiculous $79 - $100/HOUR depending on the center location and expect parents to come an average of 2-4hrs/day 5days/wk...Do the math - this is a mortgage payment every week. Heck! I can't even pay my mortgage every MONTH! BUT - the program works! It's incredible! I've seen it.

Why is it that the assistance for those who need it the most is limited to those who can afford it? Our kids need every bit of help we can give them and we shouldn't have to end up cutting off our limbs to pay for their help. Government programs really should work the way the were meant...oh, wait...I just found an oxymoron - "Goverment programs" and "work".

Regardless, it's thanks to people like Sheila and Moms like YOU, LORA, that our children are thriving!!!!!!

Laura said...

Sheila sounds like a wonderful teacher and friend to have. And you are certainly owed a tremendous amount of praise for all that you have done for Griffin both directly, and on his behalf. Keep us updated on what you decide to do and how it is going. You are a fantastic Mom. I can't get here everyday, but I am thinking of you!

Anonymous said...

I see frustrations everyday from wonderful mothers like all of you that want the BEST for their child, just as everychild should receive. It is so unfortunate that we have so few people in the field of early intervention and so many children and families that need assistance. Respite is also very difficult. SO lets keep recruiting people that would be great therapists and family support givers. I can tell that some of you culd be excellent trainers, advocators, therapists, and interventionist. This blog and some of your others are wonderful resources from us all to learn from. I want to thank all of you for just being the loving parents and caregivers that you are. I always come away so inspired after reading Lora's stories about Griffin and also some of the other blogs that she has attached.
BLess you all.....