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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Stephanie and Griffin

This is Stephanie (Griffin calls her 'Stephame') our respite provider with Griffin she is fantastic and we love her. Stephanie is so sweet and gentle with Griffin yet he responds to her and has few behaviors when she is with him. I said it like that because when I am so sweet and gentle he pushes my buttons so I have to be kind yet firm with him in order to avoid behaviors. If that makes any sense. You mommies know what I am talking about don't you?
The latest thing that Griffin has been doing is writing his ABC's and the numbers 1-40 on the chalkboard (with some help on numbers 5 and 8) and singing the new songs that he has learned at school like "Six Little Snowmen". In fact, he got on the phone to my parents yesterday and starting singing it over and over, they just loved it of course. Then Griffin pipes up and says "Hi nanna" which totally surprised me. His social interactions lately have been just wonderful with more and more each day. His pediatrician commented that every time he sees Griffin his social interaction has improved vastly.
I attribute this to all the early intervention mentioned below and the great TEACCH program that he has at school. I know that TEACCH is an incredible program, this is his second year in it, and that it helps to create a well rounded child. Griffin responds well to it and I am happy that he is showing so much success because of it. There's no other program that I wish for him to attend at this time because "If it ain't broke.....". Why push more on him if the TEACCH program works and he has private O.T. and speech which help him as well? Anyone who has read this blog or even just some of it, knows that Griffin is an autism success story with increasing progress each and every week, if not a day.
I am going to ask Griffin's teacher to either lend me the information on the TEACCH program that she has or to write a post for me. I know that I am cheating that way, by not doing it myself, but she is the expert just like Sheila is in her field. So, Kathleen if you are reading this ......I have a favor to ask :)


sheila said...

I am so happy that you found Stephanie and she gets to work with our little "sonshine" I too agree that the TEACH program is wonderful and happy that Griffin has time to socialize with his peers. Keep up the good work Griff, Lora, Kathleen, and Stephanie.
SHeila :)

Mr Ornery said...

It is fascinating to read and hear of Griffin's continuing growth and development. Indeed, mother and son have taught me much already. Where this boy's path may lead, no one may know, but I suspect he will one day astound us all.

Kristina Chew said...

Glad to hear that things are going well. Here is some information online about TEACCH and TEACCH in comparison to other educational methodologies.

Kiralea Powell said...

Hi Lora

You have every right to be proud with Griffins progress and i am so proud for him also. Here in australia we do not have a lot programms like you have and the ones we do have cost us up to 37,000 AU per year. Well done to you all for the hard work put into Griffins schooling and for Griffin also for trying so hard.

Jordan still needs a lot of work on interaction with others and I feel maybe its because he was never offered more intense programs before starting school so he is still very behind in this area. thanks to Kristina and yourselves for the info provided, as it gives me insight with how to help our special little guy as well.

Take care regards

Lora said...

Kristina, Thank you so very much for the information that you have provided. Since Griffin and I will be moving down to North Carolina the TEACCH information was most helpful in helping me locate the best school for Griffin. I truly appreciate your effort.

Kristina Chew said...

That is great you will be moving closer to your family (South Carolina, did you say?). Many families have been relocating here from all over the country and even around the world to New Jersey for the autism schools, of which the best use ABA. We've also lived in the Midwest and I stay in touch with my family on the West coast and TEACCH seems mostly to be in use in North Carolina. The other states have chosen to emphasize ABA.

Mr Ornery said...

It appears to me that research into a 'best' treatment for autism continues and that professional advice on the subject is to not 'wed' oneself to one program or another because of the continuing evolution in treatment and therapies. Also, experts do agree that without the involvement and commitment of parent or parents, no program can hope to succeed.

What has become clear to me in my interactions with Lora and Griffin is that she is determined to achieve the best possible outcome for Griffin and that he continues to surprise with new achievements.

To me, that is the bottom line, if such can even be said to exist. What we are seeing here is an unfolding and ongoing saga of courage, strength, determination, and above all a mother's deep and abiding love for her exceptional child.

mommyguilt said...

Absolutely, Mr. Ornery! Lora is firmly and unconditional committed to her wonderful little boy. Just since I've started reading and blogging with Lora, I've been so excited by the progress that Griffin has made. She's had fantastic help and looks for the best for him.

Lora, you are truly amazing!!