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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

My Little Computer Wiz

Griffin showed a great deal of interest in playing with the keyboard at a very young age so I got one just for him. Pictured here I think that he was about 4- 6 months old. I am not sure because I forgot to put a date on the photo. In retrospect, I don't think that he liked the keyboard itself necessarily but the fact that there were letters and numbers for him to look at. I mean, that is what makes him so intrigued with it now. So, I guess that it really shouldn't be surprising that he likes the computer as much as he does. I mentioned in my last post that he has been losing interest in the computer because I didn't think that he felt challenged by it anymore and I asked for suggestions as to what might be a challenge to him. He has shown interest in his alphabet blocks of course since he loves letters and numbers so much but has lost interest in legos. Since he has mastered catching and throwing a ball then that doesn't hold much of a challenge for him. Jodi mentioned the Suzuki violin method which I think was an excellent idea but I did a search and found that there is not a teacher in Alaska. The Leapster idea is great, thank you Julie, and I am going to go out and find one for him because I think that it might hold interest for him. Jenn, if I can find those sorting game that you recommended then I am sure that Griffin would love it.
Griffin's private O.T., Tracy, has started him on listening therapy and it has helped him a great deal as far as being able to focus and having a much calmer disposition. This has helped him to stay on task much better at least while he is listening to the cd. It is quite fascinating because it isn't just regular music with words,and Griffin still loves to listen to it. I will gather some information on it just in case anyone is interested. I am just amazed by it so I will be sure to post about it really soon.

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Kristina Chew said...

I have long thought of musical lessons for Charlie and of Suzuki as he has a good ear. It is great that Griffin has mastered Legos and some such toys; it is always possible to build on those skills to more advanced structures and different types of blocks. It is not uncommon for kids with autism to be on a sort of roller coaster with skills so you might want to check how he is with those mastered toys, along with his keyboard interest.